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La filosofía del capital riesgo de la era de la propiedad intelectual ha envenenado al cine (Una respuesta)

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> You don’t need jokes, or plots, or images. Just referential, cover band filmmaking. Make a movie about visiting all the old stars of another movie. Make a movie about getting sucked back into an old movie’s world. Make a movie where the events of another movie…happen again?! These structures abound, followed by Pavlovian post-credit scenes that, with their Glup Shittos and Blorkos, jangle in front of us like so many Mickey Mouse keychains. Photoreal “live-action” remakes spin their uncanny wheels, creativity cowering in the face of raw computational power. There are few clearer examples of how a Silicon Valley mindset has infected how we look at movies than Disney adults equating new developments in a technocapitalist arms race with artistry. People didn’t always cape for tech demos.
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