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[US] Regla "secreta" deja a FBI espiar a periodistas y sus fuentes (5 respuestas)

1 : Sin Nombre, firme junto a BaI@Casi al instante : 02/07/16(sab)13:53:30

> FBI documents sought after in Freedom of Information Act requests for the last year are now available, thanks to a leak to the Intercept. They lay out secret rules for collecting phone records of journalists, bypassing normal judicial processes.

>The documents, published Thursday, outline how FBI agents would utilize National Security Letters in obtaining journalists’ phone records. They date back to 2013, the same year the agency’s overseer, the US Department of Justice, amended its standards for subpoenaing for such records.

>However, the newly leaked papers are marked “last updated October 2011,” and they seem to conflict with DOJ policy as well as reveal information that many say never should have been secret in the first place.

>The FBI’s National Security Letters, or NSLs, are used like search warrants, but unlike a normal warrant, they are not signed off on by any judge or court. They are approved in-house without even a requirement to notify the target. For the purposes of these documents, that means not even the news organization employing the journalist would necessarily be informed. Furthermore, they nearly always come with some form of a gag order, preventing the target from talking about their NSL case.

>Getting an NSL authorized typically requires the signatures of the FBI’s general counsel and its National Security Branch’s executive assistant director as well as other chain of command OK’s following the agent making the request, the Intercept reported. That is, as long as the NSL is deemed “relevant” to an investigation pertaining to national security.

>Except in investigations over a leak, such as how these FBI documents came to be available, when the purpose of an NSL is “to identify confidential news media sources,” according to the documents, the general counsel and executive assistant director defer to the DOJ National Security Division’s assistant attorney general. To identify a leaker, however, the DOJ is not needed for NSL approval.

"Leaked FBI doc reveals secret policy of targeting journalists, sources"

2 : Sin Nombre, firme junto a BaI@Casi al instante : 02/07/16(sab)14:07:00

Cada vez se parecen más a la vieja KGB.

3 : Sin Nombre, firme junto a BaI@Casi al instante : 02/07/16(sab)15:14:51

Siempre fueron así, sólo que ahora se está filtrando más y más información acerca de lo que hacen.

4 : Sin Nombre, firme junto a BaI@Casi al instante : 02/07/16(sab)18:37:28

Y después dicen que uno es paranoico.

5 : Sin Nombre, firme junto a BaI@Casi al instante : 13/07/16(mie)19:16:22

Eso fue calidad DINA.
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