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Rest in peace Augusto Pinochet (83 respuestas)

34 : : 28/05/17(sun)02:03:49 ID:8pWmUz/h0

>LMFAO this is like talking to a brick wall
Yeah, cause the following is all the fault of the USA & CIA (Allende wuz a gud boi, he dindu nuffin!):

• Ignored/intimidated Congress when his administration blatantly violated the Constitution
• Made attacks on the judicial branch when outcomes of cases didn't go his way
• Created media that only provided a Marxist/leftist worldview; suppressed media (often violently) that wasn't sycophantic and criticized the government; illegally arrested journalists and publishers
• Had armed paramilitary groups intimidate the populace, especially those who didn't hold socialist views
• Had armed groups take control of private farms and commercial enterprises, blatantly violating the right to own property as guaranteed in the 1925 Constitution
• Sought to completely control education
• Disregarded freedom of speech; of the press (see above) and freedom of association
• Suppressed (often violently) workers, workers' groups and trade/labor unions that were not tied to the government
• And on, and on

Sounds like the actions of a dictator, doesn't matter that he was democratically elected, dictators can be elected into power or by force, Allende was able to achieve so with the former and later on extended his power by force. Pinochet, on the other hand, was not elected, yet ruled only for 15 years, 2 months, 23 days and peacefully stepped down after the results of a referendum. If Allende was allowed to continue to rule, I seriously doubt he would have stepped down peacefully or even initiated a referendum. How long have the Castro brothers ruled Cuba? I rest my case.

>CIA documents be damned
The CIA supported the coup, that I don't doubt. It was after all, the Cold War and Allende no doubt received support from the USSR and KGB (and possibly by extension, Cuba).

>On November 5, 1970, Henry Kissinger advised President Nixon against peaceful coexistence with the Allende administration
Interesting that Nixon considered peaceful relations with Allende, I suspect that Kissinger changed his mind since of course the USSR would support a Marxist regime in mainland Latin America thus making peaceful relations a move of weak appeasement
There was going to be a coup against Allende regardless of CIA involvement or not.
Of course they did help after the coup, but whatever deaths happened under Pinochet is minuscule compared to the lives lost that various leftist and Marxist (and their derivatives) regimes around the world cost. (~148,000,000 according to Rudolf Rummel; University of Hawaii)

And all you leftists can do is bitch, call your opponents names and then become extremely violent when the last two options no longer work. You know, Caracas would be a lovely city to visit if not for its murder rate of 120 per 100k, even the worst of our cities here in the USA don't even come up to half of that figure. Another thing in "awful neoliberal run" USA is that our supermarket shelves are usually always stocked (barring a natural disaster or severe weather of course), can't say the same in Maduro land. I'm a little surprised that Internet access is not as tightly controlled there as it is in Cuba (I've yet to see a poster from CU on here), guess even Maduro allows some limited markets so you can type your bullcrap and send it out to the wider world.
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