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Rest in peace Augusto Pinochet (83 respuestas)

56 : : 05/07/17(wed)03:54:44 ID:yJ6RpVVl0

>Your government aren't the good guys, just greedy pigs that want to spread a multicultural global capitalism and the main reason I'm writing in english in a chilean BBS.
I largely agree with you my Chilean friend. In fact, when our nation was first founded, the idea was to be an example and beacon of liberty for the rest of the world to admire and even follow, but certainly not for us to meddle into the affairs of other sovereign nations. We've obviously strayed from that premise during the past two centuries. Also, remember that multiculturalism is not just tied to one economic system, the USSR also promoted multiculturalism such being promoted is the result and work of a certain (((tribe))), who also no doubt at least partially control your country economically, politically and socially as well.

Capitalism and profit work quite well, if done honorably and without malice, we don't have that, which is why it's not really working too well and many (if not all) the alternatives are more deadly and worse. I think the best way to move forward is to work towards becoming autonomous and being self-sufficient, an autarky on an individual level, if you will. There really is no political solution.

So differing opinions are bait?
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