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Rest in peace Augusto Pinochet (83 respuestas)

67 : Nameless@Passing through the lobby [CL] (* : 27/08/17(sun)16:58:35 ID:AH3hUXX70

Another thing, maybe you should try with Videla or Banzer if you appreciate history and culture so much. Pinochet is definitely not your guy.

It's actually funny that you find so much value in Pinochet and then you say that you hate when a political sector throws culture and history into a memory hole. First of all, because when Pinochet overthrew a legitimate elected government, he also destroyed the presidential palace for no reason at all, a building that had been there prior to the independence. Our original Declaration of Independence was destroyed during that assault, among other historical items of incalculable value. During the first years of his regime, he commanded the army to burn books and newspapers in ghettos, à la Pol Pot. It makes sense to try and blind the upper classes if you want to avoid a counter-overtrhow, but he went straight against the poor and ignorant people. That's completely uncalled for. He also commissioned a caravan of murderers to go after a number of musicians and artists, i. e. our culture.
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