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Rest in peace Augusto Pinochet (83 respuestas)

73 : : 18/09/17(mon)04:19:30 ID:nuE6CdqG0

>Why? Leftists have killed far more throughout history. Name one communist dictator that stepped down peacefully after the results of a referendum. I'll wait.
Not in Chile.
>The USSR via the KGB were going to use Allende to turn Chile into a Soviet puppet state to establish as another beachhead in the Western Hemisphere after Cuba. The only difference is that Cuba's communist government was established via traditional revolutionary socialism and Allende was able to get democratically elected.
Allende had no USSR support because he was democratically elected. And even if it were, the USA had no right to install a dictatorship in Chile.
>Hopefully, another Pinochet won't be needed
Nice warning, imperialist pig. Fuck, how I hate you fucking gringos.
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