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Sin Nombre 21/05/23(dom)17:32:28 No.4517 rep Expira el 15/05
Apoyo crítico a las orcas en su revuelta contra los botes.

> Most encounters have been harmless, López Fernandez told Live Science in an email. "In more than 500 interaction events recorded since 2020 there are three sunken ships. We estimate that killer whales only touch one ship out of every hundred that sail through a location."
> Experts suspect that a female orca they call White Gladis suffered a "critical moment of agony" — a collision with a boat or entrapment during illegal fishing — that flipped a behavioral switch. "That traumatized orca is the one that started this behavior of physical contact with the boat," López Fernandez said.
> Orcas are social creatures that can easily learn and reproduce behaviors performed by others, according to the 2022 study. In the majority of reported cases, orcas have made a beeline for a boat's rudder and either bitten, bent or broken it.
> "We do not interpret that the orcas are teaching the young, although the behavior has spread to the young vertically, simply by imitation, and later horizontally among them, because they consider it something important in their lives," López Fernandez said.
Sin Nombre 22/05/23(lun)09:01:31 No.4520 rep
Soy parte de la guerra contra las orcas, del lado de las orcas.
Sin Nombre 22/05/23(lun)09:06:14 No.4521 rep
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Sin Nombre 22/05/23(lun)20:55:41 No.4530 rep
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Las orcas pertenecen a la familia de los delfines.
Sin Nombre 23/05/23(mar)10:34:46 No.4533 rep
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Sin Nombre 23/05/23(mar)11:27:31 No.4535 rep
tenemos un mayor coeficiente de encefalización (7.5 vs 5.4)
23/05/23(mar)14:11:27 No.4536 rep
Hasta los delfines la ponen una vagina 3D menos uno. Soy menos que un perro y un delfín.

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