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1 : VIPPER TIME今度 : 30/09/12(dom)06:03:56

ITH usamos sage

2 : VIPPER TIME今度 : 30/09/12(dom)06:05:50

ps: podemos usar este hilo cuando queramos postear algo irrelevante que no caiga en otros hilos

3 : VIPPER TIME今度 : 30/09/12(dom)10:03:56

Se lleva a cabo y es w.

4 : El Desctructor Anal : 30/09/12(dom)12:47:10

Vengo a destruir tu ano

5 : sage : 30/09/12(dom)14:38:30


Sage va en todos los campos.

6 : VIPPER TIME今度 : 30/09/12(dom)16:41:51


7 : VIPPER TIME今度 : 01/10/12(lun)17:02:51

Flay agüei nau, Flay agüei nau, Flay agüei

8 : EL VIPPERONA : 21/05/14(mie)17:26:44

Se lleva a cabo y es sage.

9 : EL VIPPERONA : 06/07/14(dom)13:50:09

I still laugh at how 4chan doesn't understand what sage means.

If only I knew moon so I wouldn't have to spend time on a board that
imports foreign concepts and then DOES IT WRONG all the time.

Using sage as a way to "insult" someone's post or thread is just
completely wrong and a retarded misuse of a good feature that is so
popular in sites like 2ch and Futaba. Fuck, iichan and 4-ch do it
right. It's just 4chan and 4chan's lame knockoffs that fail at using

The true meaning of sage means that YOUR POST isn't worthy enough to
bump the thread. It's ironic, because you think that you're insulting
others while you're just, in fact, insulting yourself. Yes, sage can
be used when posting a derogatory comment in a thread that you don't
want to bump, but posting with just the word "sage" accomplishes
nothing but contribute to spamming the board. The trend of replying
with the name of a tripfag and sage is even worse, as it accomplishes
nothing and only serves to increase the e-penis of whoever you're

The sage feature was never meant to serve as an implied insult or
general disagreement! Why people started using it that way is beyond
me. There are plenty of reasons why one would choose not to bump a
thread with his reply. For example, bumping threads with stupid one
liner replies should be discouraged and those people should be coerced
into using sage instead.

I want to use sage, yet I almost never do it on 4chan because people
will jump on me thinking I'm insulting their post or something.

10 : EL VIPPERONA : 06/07/14(dom)14:46:22

sage es para no agear no mas

11 : EL VIPPERONA : 06/07/14(dom)22:42:59

Hola cabros, sacaré un sage pal frío

12 : EL VIPPERONA : 06/07/14(dom)27:27:29


13 : EL VIPPERONA : 06/07/14(dom)27:35:17

Dudo que me crean, pero yo inventé el meme de usar "sage".

14 : EL VIPPERONA : 07/07/14(lun)12:38:45

nunca he sabido como se usa, y leo bbs desde 2006 ;_;

15 : EL VIPPERONA : 07/07/14(lun)13:13:13

Tengo una idea: nunca más usar sage.

16 : EL VIPPERONA : 07/07/14(lun)14:22:50


17 : EL VIPPERONA : 11/07/14(vie)09:08:23

Yo tengo otra: no.

18 : EL VIPPERONA : 19/07/14(sab)27:58:29

Toma un sage para que te limpies los mocos.

19 : EL VIPPERONA : 19/08/14(mar)10:04:51

Let's sage!

20 : EL VIPPERONA : 21/09/14(dom)23:00:03


21 : EL VIPPERONA : 25/10/14(sab)18:46:06


22 : EL VIPPERONA : 29/10/14(mie)06:18:47


23 : EL VIPPERONA : 05/02/15(jue)25:57:22


24 : EL VIPPERONA : 11/05/15(lun)23:10:03

Contraargumento: age

25 : EL VIPPERONA : 12/05/15(mar)13:07:13

¡Quiten el sage!

26 : EL VIPPERONA : 31/05/15(dom)12:08:55

snorri the sage

27 : EL VIPPERONA : 01/06/15(lun)21:00:58

testeando y sageando al mismo tiempo

28 : EL VIPPERONA : 01/06/15(lun)21:01:36


29 : Mensaje eliminado por el usuario.

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