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2 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 29/09/15(mar)13:01:10

And just like the case involving the use of a gun emoji that resulted in an arrest last year, as sexual harassment online moves further into the spotlight we very well may see harassers going to court over unrequested acts of eggplanting.

3 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 29/09/15(mar)13:56:17

aaaaaaaaaaaaaa ¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬

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( ಠ_ಠ)

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14 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 30/09/15(mie)21:29:02

The name 'Shigemi' comes from an ingenious mishearing of Jonouchi's "she gave me quite a show" into "Shigemi kowai desho" (ain't Shigemi scary?).

15 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 30/09/15(mie)22:41:30

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Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.3; rv:36.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/36.0

21 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 01/10/15(jue)15:29:06

I wonder why those who dont know jp
Come to post pol-shit blogs and crossie memes
How do they find us where do they come from
What is the appeal of this board to them
This may be a board with many NEETs
But it's not r9k or whining solely
They don't practise proper board etiquette
Off-topic threads are the only ones they post in
Never played a touhou game and are EOPs
Can't draw for shit and haven't played VNs
Why cant they not post trash and go away
Lurk more or fuck off should be plain as day

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Sign in and get started! By clicking Sign In you are agreeing to our terms of use.

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The existence of the Free Syrian Army as an actual operational armed group has been called into question. British journalist Robert Fisk of The Independent, in an interview from March 2015 on Lateline, stated his belief that the army does not actually exist.

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32 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 03/10/15(sab)15:14:17

【糞晦日】本格的男尻祭2011 ~ 勃ちあがれ♂男根【合作】

33 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 03/10/15(sab)19:24:25

Que se espera de un pais donde ya desde los 4 años se puede portar armas o donde hay pueblos que gobiernan Nazis o que la democracia este representada solo por 2 partidos politicos que NO se diferencian en NADA?

34 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 03/10/15(sab)19:25:39

but perhaps he's wondering why someone would turn the world into orange juice, before masturbating to a comatose girl

35 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 03/10/15(sab)19:34:40

Estimado usuario hemos detectado que su navegador no soporta el uso de la tecnologia Javascript y este es necesario para el correcto funcionamiento de nuestra plataforma, necesitamos que lo active y presione este enlace o vuelva a ingresar al sitio web.

36 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 03/10/15(sab)20:10:10

Baleful Realmgates

37 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 03/10/15(sab)25:16:14

38 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 03/10/15(sab)27:35:40

and there's hope for them.

39 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 04/10/15(dom)15:37:55

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42 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 05/10/15(lun)18:40:31

Son escasas las personas, incluso en el seno de los gobiernos de los países negociadores, que han tenido acceso al texto completo del proyecto. Sin embargo, las grandes corporaciones han accedido a partes del texto, generando un poderoso grupo de presión para lograr cambios a su favor.

43 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 05/10/15(lun)29:38:44

CLEANING COMPLETE - (43.889 secs)
14,497 MB removed.

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46 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 06/10/15(mar)14:22:22

Saturation leads to

47 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 07/10/15(mie)17:35:45

reflecting light

48 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 07/10/15(mie)19:01:27

oh my god lag and invisible enemies

49 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 08/10/15(jue)16:19:22

Shooting Star

50 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 08/10/15(jue)16:23:52

51 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 08/10/15(jue)22:47:43

52 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 08/10/15(jue)22:53:40

53 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 08/10/15(jue)23:41:22

if textboards never existed, then imageboards wouldn't have, and if imageboards hadn't been invented, that school shooting that happened the other day could've been prevented.

54 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 09/10/15(vie)16:37:49

55 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 09/10/15(vie)17:07:04

I've seen a lot of you lately.

56 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 10/10/15(sab)17:46:36

y sus [b] como en tadinga

57 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 10/10/15(sab)19:02:01


58 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 10/10/15(sab)20:22:02

59 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 10/10/15(sab)21:01:01

2x03 Auto Erotic Assimilation

60 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 10/10/15(sab)26:22:06

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61 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 11/10/15(dom)17:12:37

62 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 11/10/15(dom)17:48:24

I like Soylent because it's convenient and the only way I can afford proper nutrition.

63 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 11/10/15(dom)19:59:42

64 : Mensaje eliminado por el usuario.

65 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 11/10/15(dom)20:19:19

A lot of people see moot going full SJW as a dramatic turn of events, but knowing what I do about SA, having seen 4chan through the years and read archives and things on other websites about its early years, having spent years arguing with anons on /b/ about things and seeing their defense mechanisms, the way they rationalize things or just use attitude to blow off points that make them uncomfortable, selectively moralfagging and then calling moralfaggotry, not when they're fucking around, but the shit they do while having serious conversations, repeated again and again and spread and reinforced between them. The obvious philosophical marketing they've as a majority bought into or recognized and rejected as they went, at quasi-random but following a loose agenda of lifestyle convenience and wishful thinking. I couldn't have predicted the specific events, but it all follows, and many of the fatal flaws that made 4chan such shit were present from its inception, and made it in large degree shit during its early years, from a current and more neutral viewpoint. A lot of anons like to think they "support chaos" in some way, meaning any concept of fairness will be rejected for teh lulz, and the irony is they don't realize that they're just gleefully enabling and conforming to a variety of set patterns, designs, and ordered structures by doing so. Because, after all, the subconscious supposition seems to be that if the counterculture isn't one, and imageboards are the counterculture to supposed counterculture, and if you disagree with viewpoints A and B, that must mean that this time you really are truly enlightened and not just mindlessly conforming to viewpoint C while arguing over semantics and asides. The more bizarre and contradictory viewpoint C is, the more support it will get because people can feel a tribal togetherness while still pretending they aren't just mindlessly going along with something, whoever else it may restrict.

66 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 11/10/15(dom)23:27:42

67 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 13/10/15(mar)21:52:57

Baker Street

68 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 14/10/15(mie)10:14:10

69 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 14/10/15(mie)17:49:59

70 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 15/10/15(jue)24:08:40

71 : Mensaje eliminado por miembro del staff.

72 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 15/10/15(jue)24:37:07

Well, Java is exactly "ADD 1 TO COBOL GIVING COBOL". The same in Java is: java.setValue(java.getValue()+1).

73 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 15/10/15(jue)24:43:11

74 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 16/10/15(vie)22:55:01

75 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 17/10/15(sab)16:15:00

76 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 17/10/15(sab)19:20:12

A vampire approaches. Type !roll to fight.

77 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 17/10/15(sab)19:28:36


78 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 18/10/15(dom)18:34:28

有名エロゲメーカー「エルフ」 最新作のスタッフロールで過去の発売年表が流れて最後に『Thank you for the last 27 years』の文字が…

79 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 18/10/15(dom)23:27:24

At this point, my anus is so damaged from all the fecal matter passing through it, that it hurts to sit down.

80 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 18/10/15(dom)25:51:25

Es posible que algunas funciones no estén operativas. Intenta iniciar sesión para resolver el problema.

81 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 18/10/15(dom)29:09:52

82 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 19/10/15(lun)24:33:39

83 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 26/10/15(lun)23:19:23

I disagree. He managed to get this entire comment section riled up. I'd say Mission Accomplished.

84 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 28/10/15(mie)17:02:32

85 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 28/10/15(mie)18:14:01


86 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 28/10/15(mie)18:22:59

A private organization or business is not obligated to grant you freedom of speech on their platform.

87 : TENEBROSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 30/10/15(vie)13:30:07

animation: 1s linear 0s normal none infinite running throb;

88 : TENEBROSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 30/10/15(vie)22:50:09

89 : TENEBROSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 30/10/15(vie)25:59:45


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En el fandom furro le podés sacar plata a cualquiera, pero implica dibujar furros.

92 : TENEBROSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 31/10/15(sab)24:14:15

more like recognized you as a nerd

93 : TENEBROSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 31/10/15(sab)26:21:17

<tr><td colspan="2">

94 : TENEBROSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 31/10/15(sab)29:03:03

95 : TENEBROSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 01/11/15(dom)13:54:21

Pray tell why a board full of autists talking about history is a good idea? /lit/ and /pol/ had perfectly fine boards to discuss history.

96 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 03/11/15(mar)10:19:31

06142 31544 78570 50102 85929 57740 76190
98041 14691 22663 84770 26734 61976 45315
14640 45703 48025 39424 69872 49785 37584
89742 05046 89279 79398 54402 69868 25719

97 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 03/11/15(mar)22:45:18

Pinnacle of humor.

98 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 03/11/15(mar)22:50:46

Updated taunts to prevent movement during the pre-round period when players are frozen

99 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 04/11/15(mie)11:47:45


100 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 05/11/15(jue)23:10:07


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102 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 05/11/15(jue)27:07:53


103 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 06/11/15(vie)24:39:30

Pictogram plus.png Has 37% longer melee range.
Pictogram plus.png Deals 20% more damage.
Pictogram minus.png Lowers speed by 15% when active.

104 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 09/11/15(lun)15:24:06


105 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 09/11/15(lun)25:34:17

/msg ChanServ set #channel topiclock On|Off

106 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 10/11/15(mar)07:46:42

107 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 10/11/15(mar)26:20:53


108 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 11/11/15(mie)12:53:17

y'all be my bros but you my onii-chan, homie

109 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 11/11/15(mie)14:12:09

110 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 12/11/15(jue)12:12:11

111 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 12/11/15(jue)17:55:08

Create the following VLANs and configure the correct names:
VLAN 10: name Engineering.
VLAN 20: name Marketing.
VLAN 30: name Research.
VLAN 40: name Sales.
VLAN 50: name Management.
Configure fa0/1 on SW1 as an access interface in VLAN 10.
Configure fa0/2 on SW2 as an access interface in VLAN 20.
One of the links between SW1 and SW2 should use ISL encapsulation.
One of the links between SW2 and SW3 is not allowed to dynamically negotiate a trunking protocol.
One of the links between SW1 and SW3 should never send any DTP messages.
Only VLAN 1,10 and VLAN 20 are allowed between SW1 and SW2.
Only VLAN 1,10,20,40 and 50 are allowed between SW2 and SW3.
The native VLAN between SW1 and SW3 should be VLAN 50 on both links.

112 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 12/11/15(jue)18:02:51

Доступ на Рутрекер скоро будет пожизненно заблокирован всем пользователям из России.
требуется ваше мнение...

113 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 12/11/15(jue)26:52:15

114 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 12/11/15(jue)27:14:58

まぢか、、写真袋どうするんだろう。。 日本でサイト運営するのってリスク高いよなぁ。。

115 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 13/11/15(vie)19:39:19

116 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 14/11/15(sab)07:33:06

117 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 15/11/15(dom)18:42:39


118 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 15/11/15(dom)19:00:38

The song Ismarc sings is a cultural reference to the Nine Inch Nails song "Head Like a Hole".

119 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 16/11/15(lun)07:57:49

120 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 16/11/15(lun)17:06:44


121 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 16/11/15(lun)22:17:10


122 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 17/11/15(mar)11:59:31

123 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 17/11/15(mar)25:54:23


124 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 18/11/15(mie)11:19:56

125 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 18/11/15(mie)15:07:29

126 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 18/11/15(mie)21:07:40

127 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 18/11/15(mie)25:48:15

Wallet balance CLP$ 22.662,88

128 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 19/11/15(jue)26:40:18

ChatZilla 0.9.92 [Firefox 42.0/20151029151421]

129 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 20/11/15(vie)27:56:09

Omg i love pornhub XD online conversation of ass, titties, and Pc gaming. Ironicly my name is my steam name xD idgaf

130 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 21/11/15(sab)22:39:03

From: rws@mit-bold (Robert W. Scheifler)
To: window@athena
Subject: window system X
Date: 19 Jun 1984 0907-EDT (Tuesday)

I've spent the last couple weeks writing a window
system for the VS100. I stole a fair amount of code
from W, surrounded it with an asynchronous rather
than a synchronous interface, and called it X. Overall
performance appears to be about twice that of W. The
code seems fairly solid at this point, although there are
still some deficiencies to be fixed up.

We at LCS have stopped using W, and are now
actively building applications on X. Anyone else using
W should seriously consider switching. This is not the
ultimate window system, but I believe it is a good
starting point for experimentation. Right at the moment
there is a CLU (and an Argus) interface to X; a C
interface is in the works. The three existing
applications are a text editor (TED), an Argus I/O
interface, and a primitive window manager. There is
no documentation yet; anyone crazy enough to
volunteer? I may get around to it eventually.

Anyone interested in seeing a demo can drop by
NE43-531, although you may want to call 3-1945
first. Anyone who wants the code can come by with a
tape. Anyone interested in hacking deficiencies, feel
free to get in touch.

131 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 23/11/15(lun)28:55:27

What the hell? This paper isn't about fucking children at all! Are you sure you've got the right guy?

132 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 25/11/15(mie)10:35:16

133 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 26/11/15(jue)13:38:42

Unfortunately for Obsidian, Fallout: New Vegas currently has a Metacritic average of 84, a single point below the average that would've earned the company royalties on its product. "[Fallout: New Vegas] was a straight payment, no royalties, only a bonus if we got an 85+ on Metacritic, which we didn't," Obsidian creative director and co-owner Chris Avellone told one Twitter user.

134 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 26/11/15(jue)22:47:12


135 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 26/11/15(jue)27:29:09


136 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 27/11/15(vie)21:18:20

Music is really more the secret area's thing than Channel4's.

137 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 27/11/15(vie)25:56:04

138 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 27/11/15(vie)27:10:41

139 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 02/12/15(mie)14:33:57

140 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 03/12/15(jue)21:12:57

Lo que estamos escuchando—que podría ser un show de televisión alienígena, o una llamada telefónica, o un mensaje de GPS, lo que sea—es imposible para nosotros diferenciarlo de la radiación de fondo de microondas

141 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 04/12/15(vie)11:04:35

Fallout 4 director Todd Howard previously explained how lessons learned from Skyrim's technical bugs will improve Fallout 4.

142 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 04/12/15(vie)11:53:33

Weekend at Bernie's

143 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 04/12/15(vie)15:17:19


144 : Mensaje eliminado por el usuario.

145 : ORGULLOSO MIEMBRO DEL CLUB VIP : 19/12/15(sab)14:29:29

;[2] its widespread appeal may be characterized as being a meme.[9]

146 : VIPPER de la nariz roja : 24/12/15(jue)07:29:13

It's best to stay away from zoos or other facilities that own white tigers as they're almost always disreputable

147 : VIPPER de la nariz roja : 24/12/15(jue)18:28:07

148 : VIPPEADOR : 27/12/15(dom)12:43:29


149 : VIPPEADOR : 02/01/16(sab)16:05:22

150 : VIPPEADOR : 02/01/16(sab)29:43:46

Back in 1976, an acquaintance of mine proposed that in honor of its bicentennial the United States of America should adopt an actual name — he suggested "Wyoming."

151 : VIPPEADOR : 03/01/16(dom)09:05:16


152 : VIPPEADOR : 05/01/16(mar)10:50:57

Dan works as a tutor for
an hour and as a waiter for
an hour. This month, he worked a combined total of
hours at his two jobs.

153 : VIPPEADOR : 12/01/16(mar)06:22:44

154 : VIPPEADOR : 12/01/16(mar)15:56:00

eso se ve interesante, ¿dónde lo encontraste?

155 : VIPPEADOR : 15/01/16(vie)17:48:34

156 : VIPPEADOR : 18/01/16(lun)28:29:06

Jones’ divorce settlement involved number of sex addiction counselors
Is TV show host Montel Williams correct that Jones is a coc aine-addicted con artist who radicalizes people to commit terrorist acts?[XIII] And if Jones has a drug addiction, what are the chances that he might also have a sex addiction, like his close friend Sheen?

157 : VIPPEADOR : 19/01/16(mar)13:18:07

158 : VIPPEADOR : 19/01/16(mar)15:05:53

Los aficionados a la astronomía tendrán a partir de esta semana la oportunidad de deleitarse con la alineación de cinco planetas.
Se trata de un evento inusual que empezará este miércoles y durará exactamente un mes, hasta el 20 de febrero.
Por primera vez en 10 años Mercurio, Venus, Marte, Júpiter y Saturno podrán ser apreciados a simple vista, en fila y simultáneamente, entre el horizonte y la Luna.

159 : VIPPEADOR : 29/01/16(vie)14:50:24

Fun-loving Transgender⚧, very caring, compassionate, and enjoys making friends. Has mental and emotional issues (namely severe depression). Plays well with others, occasionally a bit flirty too, sometimes odd. Quick to forgive and apologize, and slow to anger.

160 : VIPPEADOR : 21/02/16(dom)13:30:11

If C++ would have been used instead of PHP, then 22,500 servers could be powered down (assuming a conservative ratio of 10 for the efficiency of C++ versus PHP code), or a reduction of 49,000 tons of CO2 per year. Of course, it is a bit unfair to isolate Facebook here. Their servers are only a tiny fraction of computers deployed world-wide that are interpreting PHP code."

161 : VIPPEADOR : 21/02/16(dom)14:55:11

manchas de Fordyce

162 : VIPPEADOR : 21/02/16(dom)16:10:33


163 : VIPPEADOR : 21/02/16(dom)21:25:20

Yeah, making lots of progress on getting things into shape for a patch. Not going to happen today though. I’d say next weekend, but then I’m just getting everyone’s hopes up for a guess.

164 : VIPPEADOR : 22/02/16(lun)19:00:53

It is infuriating how 2 British diplomats who clearly had no idea about any Chinese spoken languages appointed themselves to romanize Chinese words. So Wade created his unique one-of-a-kind system and began to teach it at "Cambridge University"? Then Giles was supposed to have "refined" this nothing-like-it system? He clearly failed to correct any of Wade's mistakes. And they were deemed the Chinese experts to train Chinese specialists? Talking about blind leading the blind! No wonder the gap of East and West remained wide and few words westerns said are understood by the Chinese. This ridiculous system should be assigned to the trash heap where it belongs so we can put the British imperialistic arrogance behind us and move on with the correct pin-ying system which transcribes the official Chinese unified language.

Why didn't Wade or Giles use normal English/International alphabets? Why should B and D not be included in their system? What happened to G? What's with all their use of CH that replaced multiple Chinese sounds which do not resemble anything close to the actual sound of ch? Were Wade and Giles illiterate in the English language also? What in the world is "tofu" and "tao" and "tai-chi"? There is no Taoism in China and no book named Tao Te Ching anymore than there is Klustenanity and Puple in the West. According to their system, London should be known as Lon'ton and England be known as Inkland? Americans, unfortunately, looked to Mother England for everything, right or wrong. No wonder the Dolittle Raiders in WWII were not able to find Chuchou after they bombed Tokyo in 1942. There is no such place as Chuchou in China.

Wade and Giles should go down history as two of the Stupidest People and two of the most Irresponsibly Arrogant People ever lived.

And who the hell translated the great Long River of China to Yangtze River? Yangtze River is a very small tributory river that flow into the Long River near the town of Yangzhou. Should the great Mississippi be now known as the Yatzu river because there is a small stream near the delta by that name? Stupid is as stupid does. The old imperialists didn't know any better because they thought God was English. But they were clearly wrong. There is no reason why people now should remain ignorant and refuse to acknowledge their mistakes. VimalaNowlis (talk) 06:03, 19 October 2011 (UTC)

165 : VIPPEADOR : 22/02/16(lun)21:44:48

( ゚∀゚)

166 : VIPPEADOR : 22/02/16(lun)23:51:40

fiat g-56

167 : VIPPEADOR : 22/02/16(lun)27:25:27


168 : VIPPEADOR : 23/02/16(mar)16:12:33

In all assessed countries the perception of insecurity is greater than the direct victimization, says the report. Five out of 10 Latin Americans perceive that security in their country has deteriorated. But in Honduras, for example, which has the highest murder rate in the world (86.5 per 100,000), eight out of 10 citizens feel safe in their neighborhoods—in line with the regional average. In contrast, in Chile—which has the lowest murder rates in the region (2 per 100,000) and low levels of victimization for theft—the perception of safety is worse than in Honduras: seven out of 10 citizens feel secure in their neighborhood.

169 : VIPPEADOR : 23/02/16(mar)22:41:40

170 : VIPPEADOR : 25/02/16(jue)21:17:34


171 : VIPPEADOR : 25/02/16(jue)27:27:15

172 : VIPPEADOR : 26/02/16(vie)17:50:00


173 : VIPPEADOR : 26/02/16(vie)22:08:14

174 : VIPPEADOR : 26/02/16(vie)22:59:38

175 : VIPPEADOR : 26/02/16(vie)23:56:25


176 : VIPPEADOR : 27/02/16(sab)18:58:42


177 : VIPPEADOR : 27/02/16(sab)26:09:42

Se practican exorcismos a domicilio. Seeriedad. Gran carisma y autoridad en nombre de Jesucristo para sustraer al dominio del maligno. Hago visitas a domicilio.

Exorcista con titulación expedida por el Vaticano. Gran conocedor del Ritual Romano. Eficacia garantizada. Expulso bien lejos a cualquier demonio, arranco almas del infierno.

Contacta conmigo ahora.

178 : VIPPEADOR : 27/02/16(sab)27:21:44


179 : VIPPEADOR : 28/02/16(dom)27:16:39

180 : VIPPEADOR : 28/02/16(dom)28:49:39

181 : VIPPEADOR : 29/02/16(lun)15:37:37

Close to 100% think Hitler "hated jews" because "anti-semitism tho". Not the case.

182 : VIPPEADOR : 29/02/16(lun)17:13:56

Estoy aquí para advertirte que Tor es infecto, obsceno y pecaminoso. Voy a trabajar para alejarte de Tor, quiero conseguir que la gente que llega a Tor no vuelva más.

Para ello necesito ayuda. Si piensas como yo participa.

Mi primera idea ha sido colocar enlaces viejos o falsos en todos los sitios, intento siempre que los enclaces que yo publico, estén los primeros. Así todos los que llegan sedientos de enlaces no encuentran nada. Eso les desanima.

También me invento historias como los dominios closs y loky o las marianas web, intento crear suspense, intento que la gente busque cosas mágicas, como unicornios, la vida eterna, y todo lo que pueda generar deseo. Luego como eso no existe se genera frustración.

Trabajo ya mano a mano con un sacerdote y con un profesor de lengua española, los tres tenemos motivaciones éticas. Como señalé al principio nuestro fin es que la gente nueva no se quede en Tor. Solamente estamos trabajando el tema de la frustración, pero si tienes ideas estaremos aquí para leerlas.

183 : VIPPEADOR : 01/03/16(mar)16:32:10

Desde Novalis-Galaxum le ofrecemos una visita guiada al planeta habitado más próximo a usted, podrá visitar la flora y la fauna, así como visitar los lugares más pintorescos del planeta.

No lo piense más, aproveche esta oportunidad. Visite el planeta habitado más próximo a usted, visítelo con nosotros.

Novalis-Galaxum, 200 años conquistando sueños.

184 : VIPPEADOR : 01/03/16(mar)24:15:48


185 : test : 01/03/16(mar)24:16:51


186 : VIPPEADOR : 01/03/16(mar)24:22:13

187 : VIPPEADOR : 01/03/16(mar)26:06:31


188 : VIPPEADOR : 01/03/16(mar)28:30:43


189 : VIPPEADOR : 02/03/16(mie)16:03:54

The Japanese government has established a number of offices called Young Support Plaza to help young people find jobs. These offices offer basic training for job hunting: teaching young people how to write a résumé, and how to conduct themselves during interviews. The demand for their services has been fairly low so far.

190 : VIPPEADOR : 02/03/16(mie)16:36:13

Probablemente les da miedo/vergüenza entrar a pedir ayuda y cuando lo hacen dicen algo como "uuh... harro-uru, uhh etto, uhh... hai hai"

191 : VIPPEADOR : 02/03/16(mie)19:37:09

 ( ´・ω・ )

192 : VIPPEADOR : 02/03/16(mie)22:54:19

/msg ChanServ HOP #channel DEL

193 : VIPPEADOR : 03/03/16(jue)08:36:56

The impression I got when I was studying abroad in China is that the government doesn't mind if the censorship can be circumvented just like they don't mind if English books and websites put out moderately critical material. The implicit rational seems to be that if someone in China can read and write fluent English or has the technical skills to circumvent the firewall they are, by virtue of their education and skills, part of an elite is likely indebted to modern Chinese society and likely to contribute something of value. The goal just seems to be to prevent dissent and unrest from emerging among the great masses who are unable to circumvent firewalls or read English.

194 : VIPPEADOR : 03/03/16(jue)14:26:38


195 : VIPPEADOR : 03/03/16(jue)29:26:45


196 : VIPPEADOR : 04/03/16(vie)15:45:27

En las uñas de Cáceres encontraron fragmentos de piel a los que se podrían realizar pruebas de ADN, un elemento clave en la investigación que realizan las autoridades.

197 : VIPPEADOR : 04/03/16(vie)23:50:17


198 : VIPPEADOR : 05/03/16(sab)16:20:21

199 : VIPPEADOR : 05/03/16(sab)20:23:17

Monster Girl Quest OST - 90 Credit Roll

200 : VIPPEADOR : 05/03/16(sab)22:14:02

We detected your video may be shaky. Would you like us to stabilize it?

201 : VIPPEADOR : 05/03/16(sab)22:14:58

El estabilizador de Youtube es horrible.

202 : VIPPEADOR : 06/03/16(dom)15:27:43

An attempt was made to display the folder / archive selection screen can not be displayed because not found krdevui.dll.

203 : VIPPEADOR : 06/03/16(dom)16:33:35

ShowMessage(“\\nWe’re all alive and unharmed, but… Um… They did things to us that no woman should do to her husband…”)

204 : VIPPEADOR : 06/03/16(dom)18:39:27

205 : VIPPEADOR : 06/03/16(dom)20:36:09


206 : VIPPEADOR : 06/03/16(dom)26:34:49

/msg NickServ IDENTIFY

207 : VIPPEADOR : 07/03/16(lun)17:33:18

208 : VIPPEADOR : 07/03/16(lun)23:02:41

There are no submissions to list

209 : VIPPEADOR : 07/03/16(lun)23:30:45

210 : VIPPEADOR : 09/03/16(mie)22:04:25

linear-gradient(to bottom, rgba(0, 0, 0, 1) 0px,rgba(255,255,255,1) 300px);

211 : VIPPEADOR : 09/03/16(mie)22:34:28

Other people: 😂👌 💯
Me: 😢 🔫

212 : VIPPEADOR : 09/03/16(mie)26:55:37

It took me approximately two years to get it running, working on it only evenings and weekends. After the system was basically working, it tended to crash after an hour of operation for no reason at all and in no discernible pattern. Debugging the operating system on the bare metal was well nigh impossible and I came within a hair of abandoning the project.

I then made one final effort. I wrote an 8088 simulator on which to run MINIX, so when it crashed I could get a proper dump and stack trace. To my horror, MINIX would run flawlessly for days, even weeks, at a time on the simulator. It never once crashed. I was totally flummoxed. I mentioned this peculiar situation of MINIX running on the simulator but not on the hardware to my student, Robbert van Renesse, who said he heard somewhere that the 8088 generated interrupt 15 when it got hot. I told him there was nothing in the 8088 documentation about that, but he insisted he heard it somewhere. So I inserted code to catch interrupt 15. Within an hour I saw this message on the screen: "Hi. I am interrupt 15. You will never see this message." I immediately made the required patch to catch interrupt 15. After that MINIX worked flawlessly and was ready for release.

Lesson. Do not trust documentation blindly; it could be wrong.

Thirty years later the consequences of Van Renesse's offhand remark are enormous. If he had not mentioned interrupt 15, I would probably have eventually given up in despair. Without MINIX, it is inconceivable there would have been a Linux since Linus Torvalds learned about operating systems by studying the MINIX source code in minute detail and using it as a base to write Linux. Without Linux, there would not have been an Android since it is built on top of Linux. Without Android, the relative stock prices of Apple and Samsung might be quite different today.

213 : VIPPEADOR : 10/03/16(jue)10:37:31

214 : VIPPEADOR : 10/03/16(jue)11:19:55


215 : VIPPEADOR : 10/03/16(jue)11:25:39

Realmente creo que no deberías poner eso en este hilo... (´・ω・`)

216 : VIPPEADOR : 10/03/16(jue)11:26:33

Vieja, revisa los dominios. Son todos email de test que estoy usando en mi empresa.

217 : VIPPEADOR : 10/03/16(jue)15:29:10


218 : VIPPEADOR : 10/03/16(jue)20:18:54


219 : VIPPEADOR : 10/03/16(jue)26:04:39

220 : VIPPEADOR : 10/03/16(jue)27:00:12


221 : Mensaje eliminado por el usuario.

222 : VIPPEADOR : 11/03/16(vie)15:54:08

223 : VIPPEADOR : 11/03/16(vie)17:04:38

224 : VIPPEADOR : 11/03/16(vie)21:38:55

background-color: #D6BAD0;

225 : VIPPEADOR : 11/03/16(vie)25:01:14

Blitzkrieg Stickybomb Launcher (Factory New)

226 : VIPPEADOR : 11/03/16(vie)27:21:16

Here's to you, Nicola and Bart
Rest forever here in our hearts
The last and final moment is yours
That agony is your triumph

227 : VIPPEADOR : 11/03/16(vie)28:09:45


228 : VIPPEADOR : 12/03/16(sab)15:12:06


229 : VIPPEADOR : 12/03/16(sab)21:20:26

230 : VIPPEADOR : 12/03/16(sab)27:26:01

231 : VIPPEADOR : 13/03/16(dom)16:19:20

232 : VIPPEADOR : 13/03/16(dom)16:28:42


233 : VIPPEADOR : 13/03/16(dom)16:38:56

Con permiso, voy a robar este post.

234 : VIPPEADOR : 13/03/16(dom)19:55:59

>Hi Hiro, so you are going to mine data here too? you fucking piece of shit.
May I ask how to do with just posting on AMA?

235 : VIPPEADOR : 13/03/16(dom)23:32:13

The principles set up by Jimmy Wales count for nothing. If you disagree with the wrong people, however civil you are and even if you follow the recommended dispute resolution procedures exactly you can get banned.

236 : VIPPEADOR : 13/03/16(dom)24:25:10

237 : VIPPEADOR : 13/03/16(dom)26:01:50

This video has been removed for violating YouTube's policy on harassment and bullying.

238 : VIPPEADOR : 14/03/16(lun)26:43:49

invisible internet project → iip → i2p
iipsite → eepsite

239 : VIPPEADOR : 15/03/16(mar)10:58:44

Use one root password for all the boxes
Expose PDU's [power distribution units in server racks] to WAN with telnet auth
Never patch, upgrade or audit the stack
Disregard PDO [PHP Data Objects] as inconvenient
Hedge entire business on security theatre
Store full credit card info in plaintext
Write all code with wreckless abandon

240 : VIPPEADOR : 15/03/16(mar)24:33:57

241 : VIPPEADOR : 16/03/16(mie)24:02:31

Detalle: [Errno 2] No such file or directory

242 : VIPPEADOR : 17/03/16(jue)10:53:54

Espero tener buena acogida dado los argumentos expuestos y si es necesaria una entrevista estoy dispuesto a ello.

243 : VIPPEADOR : 18/03/16(vie)19:40:33

A: Congratulations, you have just encountered gnulib, the GNU "portability" library!

244 : VIPPEADOR : 19/03/16(sab)17:37:06

0.5em 2em 0.5em 2.6em

245 : VIPPEADOR : 19/03/16(sab)17:37:50


246 : VIPPEADOR : 20/03/16(dom)22:04:46

Cooperation with FSF and GNU Public Relations

The seller must use FSF approved terminology for the FSF's activities and work, in all statements and publications relating to the product. This includes product packaging, and manuals, web pages, marketing materials, and interviews about the product.

Specifically, the seller must use the term "GNU/Linux" for any reference to an entire operating system which includes GNU and Linux, not "Linux" or "Linux-based system" or "a system with the Linux kernel" or any other term that mentions "Linux" without "GNU". Likewise, the seller must talk about "free software" more prominently than "open source."

247 : VIPPEADOR : 20/03/16(dom)24:12:30


248 : VIPPEADOR : 21/03/16(lun)21:42:33


249 : VIPPEADOR : 21/03/16(lun)26:12:46

250 : VIPPEADOR : 22/03/16(mar)11:58:46

251 : VIPPEADOR : 23/03/16(mie)15:43:27

rick astley wants chinese cartoons - Copy

252 : VIPPEADOR : 25/03/16(vie)23:28:17

253 : VIPPEADOR : 26/03/16(sab)26:03:02


254 : VIPPEADOR : 30/03/16(mie)17:19:48

255 : VIPPEADOR : 01/04/16(vie)14:44:07

Estudiantes de primer año y de cursos superiores, que a partir del año 2016 sean beneficiarios de la gratuidad.

256 : VIPPEADOR : 01/04/16(vie)15:50:29

257 : VIPPEADOR : 02/04/16(sab)06:17:51

Babel of the Grieved Maze

258 : VIPPEADOR : 02/04/16(sab)26:50:00

259 : VIPPEADOR : 03/04/16(dom)06:40:46

260 : VIPPEADOR : 06/04/16(mie)14:19:29


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