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[APRIL FOOLS] Extracto de almendra en planta procesadora de cianuro (22 respuestas)

1 : VIPPEADOR : 01/04/16(vie)13:01:30

Alguien creyó que sería buena idea soltar extracto de almendra en una planta que procesa cianuro como broma para el primero de abril ww

>I am a chemical technician specialized in electroplating. I keep smelling almonds. My first thought was that somehow potassium cyanide was mixed with hydrochloric acid but, asI am not dead yet, I'm guessing that is not it.

>Any ideas? I'm worried but my supervisor isn't answering the phone and the next shift of chem techs will not be here for another 4 hours. I am the only person on this side of the plant but we have a few 3rd shift production employees up front.

>Should I evacuate everyone or am I overreacting?

>Update- They found the source of the smell. A second shift tech thought it would be a great April Fools prank to put almond extract on the steam lines to my plating tanks. He is of course fired. I have been commended by our safety director and our CEO.

2 : VIPPEADOR : 01/04/16(vie)13:20:04

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3 : VIPPEADOR : 01/04/16(vie)13:22:05

Extraño los april fools en Neopets.

4 : VIPPEADOR : 01/04/16(vie)13:23:00

Es como hacer una broma en una fábrica de explosivos.

5 : VIPPEADOR : 01/04/16(vie)13:23:14

Los ledditores no tienen sentido del humor ww
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6 : VIPPEADOR : 01/04/16(vie)13:25:19

7 : VIPPEADOR : 01/04/16(vie)13:28:06


8 : VIPPEADOR : 01/04/16(vie)13:35:14

Pero es que cómo se te ocurre hacer una broma en una fábrica de veneno pos.

9 : VIPPEADOR : 01/04/16(vie)13:57:33

O ir vestido de miembro del KKK a un ghetto.

10 : VIPPEADOR : 01/04/16(vie)16:13:30

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11 : VIPPEADOR : 01/04/16(vie)16:55:09

Qué pillín.
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12 : VIPPEADOR : 01/04/16(vie)17:01:38

ouch! taht really hurt!
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13 : VIPPEADOR : 01/04/16(vie)17:02:33

Los dioses del azar están del lado de >>11.

14 : VIPPEADOR : 01/04/16(vie)17:03:30

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15 : VIPPEADOR : 01/04/16(vie)17:33:21

Sin mensaje.
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16 : VIPPEADOR : 01/04/16(vie)17:46:00

chao perro

17 : VIPPEADOR : 01/04/16(vie)18:17:02

Mano dura.
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18 : VIPPEADOR : 01/04/16(vie)18:40:07

leftpad fue un mejor april fools.
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19 : VIPPEADOR : 01/04/16(vie)19:04:07

No saquen esta hueá.
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Miren a >>20 y su varita mágica impotente.
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22 : VIPPEADOR : 07/04/16(jue)16:05:42


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