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hallo Welt (10 respuestas)

1 : Alex. Kern : 17/04/16(dom)22:12:35

[16:13:11] Alexander Kern: hi
[16:13:53] Alexander Kern: can you describe that feeling when a woman gets the feeling of being highly evaluated by men not because of love, but because of worth?
[16:15:56] Alexander Kern: I mean when love suffering that feels a man is a kind of giving worth to a woman, that causes this pain, because she want to feel highly evaluated, because she thinks she is not worth much
[16:16:08] Alexander Kern: my question is about the feeling

2 : VIPPEADOR : 17/04/16(dom)22:17:24

What is this thread about? I don't get it

3 : Frot el VIPPER : 17/04/16(dom)22:18:14

Only about a mile from the dead

4 : VIPPEADOR : 17/04/16(dom)22:22:13

>>1's english is linda bad.

5 : VIPPEADOR : 17/04/16(dom)22:22:25

Es posible que haya ido para el hilo de CTRL+V y se haya equivocado.

6 : Frot el VIPPER : 17/04/16(dom)22:22:45

Of english astonishes me, dear bienvenido a internet et

7 : Frot el VIPPER : 17/04/16(dom)22:23:13

Se haya equivocado

8 : VIPPEADOR : 17/04/16(dom)22:25:30

Frot lucho jara w

9 : Frot el VIPPER : 17/04/16(dom)22:26:24


10 : VIPPEADOR : 17/04/16(dom)22:28:16

Ese hilo ya no existe hace tiempo.

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