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Enicognathus leptorhynchus (8 respuestas)

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za za

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Sí, ya sabemos qué es una cotorra choroy. Gracias por la información. Y para los que no, gracias por culturizarlos.

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Anonymous, I need food support, I need your support.
I have a complete ass where I live. I live with two damned fuckers to die, who hide food from me in my pussy, who will kill the snacks of bread, but these are two damn hypocritical damned whores. Please help me survive. At least some moment in time!

. Or write your mail talk! I have something to say believe me
My card:
VTB. (( .. (( .. (( .. ((
And in the screenshot of Anona!

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>za za

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no dejes para chormañana lo que puedas hacer choroy

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ざ ざ

negro cooma
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