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Updating on github (29 respuestas)

1 : Sin Nombre@Sin ideas : 21/08/16(dom)19:54:25 ID:JPD3OCzV0

Hello guys, why don't update a BBS script on github? The latest version, which I saw, was a 0.7.2. But the current is 0.7.4.

2 : Sin Nombre@Sin ideas : 21/08/16(dom)20:00:26 ID:lsonJzGG0

You want to use it to build your own BBS+IB?

3 : TOW ★ : 21/08/16(dom)20:05:59 ID:CAP_USER*

Not many changes have been made other than some bugfixes, but I'll be pushing the latest changes to the repo.

4 : Sin Nombre@Sin ideas : 21/08/16(dom)20:12:18 ID:kHZofxpc0

El dev está vivo.
¿Puedes arreglar el chat de BaI TV, por favor? ;_;

5 : Sin Nombre@Sin ideas : 21/08/16(dom)20:36:20 ID:JPD3OCzV0

> but I'll be pushing the latest changes to the repo.
Ok, don't forget about it. The engine is incredible.
It will be great if you add a possibility like a feature to cite a post by clicking on number of poster.
Also can I ask a stupid question: does it possible, to mod of course, delete entire thread on textboard?

6 : Sin Nombre@Sin ideas : 21/08/16(dom)20:37:14 ID:LDgJW38V0

Obviamente están ignorando esto a propósito.

7 : Sin Nombre@Sin ideas : 21/08/16(dom)20:38:56 ID:JPD3OCzV0

And what about markup? Does it support it except ">"?

8 : Sin Nombre@Sin ideas : 21/08/16(dom)20:40:49 ID:lsonJzGG0

I remember weabot using markdown years ago, and HTML not long ago.

9 : Sin Nombre@Sin ideas : 23/08/16(mar)11:58:17 ID:Hk+5KzJR0

Does "weabot" supporting other languages, except spanish?

10 : Sin Nombre@Sin ideas : 23/08/16(mar)12:06:52 ID:X/WVwpST0

World uses an English template. I think that's it.

11 : Sin Nombre@Sin ideas : 02/09/16(vie)12:53:49 ID:3KQMFy/m0

Guys, what about account system permission: does it support to add staff with different permission like a "administrators", "mods" and "janitors"?

12 : Sin Nombre@Sin ideas : 02/09/16(vie)12:55:30 ID:3KQMFy/m0

And what about feature to restore a deleted by mod posts?

13 : Sin Nombre@Sin ideas : 02/09/16(vie)13:03:52 ID:9eVaxxDb0

Well, it was deleted for a reason, right? I don't like the whole authority thing behind bans, deleted posts, exposing IPs or IDs, etc, but if you restore a post deleted by a mod you will be necessarily creating a conflict (i. e. internet drama), that can be easily avoided by not acting like a moron in BaI. I've never gotten a deleted post, but I've seen some deleted by mods, and they totally deserved it (for example obvious troll messages, we baisans are infamous at this point for our inability to ignore baits w). On the other hand, I prefer the "let's ignore the troll" alternative, as I said, I don't really like the idea of mods deleting posts unless it's really necessary (like posting illegal stuff). We should be able to ignore trolls.

14 : Sin Nombre@Sin ideas : 02/09/16(vie)13:15:00 ID:O2zLbVyR0

I think he just wants those features for when he sets up his own BBS.

15 : Sin Nombre@Sin ideas : 04/09/16(dom)18:38:22 ID:uYyBto74a

Is it difficult to translate on another language this engine? And where located language file?

16 : Sin Nombre@Sin ideas : 10/09/16(sab)07:12:04 ID:5FTeLDbv0

It seems that I want those feature on my BBS/IB site, like >>14 said.

17 : Sin Nombre@Sin ideas : 10/09/16(sab)07:30:57 ID:5FTeLDbv0

Also, sorry for annoying posting, but when you upload a newer version of this script on github or another services?

18 : Sin Nombre@Sin ideas : 18/09/16(dom)19:46:09 ID:2NI56o2Y0

19 : Sin Nombre@Sin ideas : 02/10/16(dom)15:30:09 ID:QzhUbAsT0


20 : Sin Nombre@Sin ideas : 09/10/16(dom)16:26:13 ID:IxM218v+a


21 : Sin Nombre@Sin ideas : 09/10/16(dom)16:27:21 ID:L+9MdfFz0


22 : Sin Nombre@Sin ideas : 09/10/16(dom)20:47:48 ID:Vp2sdNWea

It's just open sourced to fill a checkbox, it isn't really meant to be used somewhere else.

23 : Sin Nombre@Sin ideas : 18/10/16(mar)16:35:38 ID:ZGb3N6Ey0


24 : Sin Nombre@Sin ideas : 19/10/16(mie)10:35:01 ID:KuqittcY0


25 : Sin Nombre@Sin ideas : 25/12/16(dom)18:50:47 ID:nlwIQ7Qv0!


26 : Sin Nombre@Sin ideas : 25/12/16(dom)18:52:08 ID:MQpHwHWK0


27 : Sin Nombre@Sin ideas : 26/12/16(lun)03:48:45 ID:OU14HxKo0

Quiere crear su propio BaI.

28 : Sin Nombre@Sin ideas : 08/01/17(dom)13:44:09 ID:2Qqmtq/20!

Kareha o Shiichan + un host gratuito que pueda CGI, perro y asunto arregla'o.

29 : Sin Nombre@Sin ideas : 03/02/17(vie)20:21:53 ID:vHb28kdZ0!

It have some distinction from kareha.
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