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C-C-C-C- (12 respuestas)

1 : Nameless@Passing through the lobby [MX] (* : 23/07/16(sat)03:27:03 ID:EMK9uMey0


2 : Nameless@Passing through the lobby [CL] (* : 23/07/16(sat)03:37:33 ID:HzjgEN4H0

funny how there are two argentinian words there

3 : : 23/07/16(sat)04:25:20 ID:EL33PDX/0

Wouldn't CH-CH-CH-CH- make more sense??

4 : : 23/07/16(sat)08:56:10 ID:Oo8gGQmP0


5 : : 23/07/16(sat)20:57:31 ID:7lvvNmCy0

>>2 fucking lol, you rigth

6 : : 23/08/16(tue)12:02:59 ID:TG9Ler+K0


7 : Nameless@Passing through the lobby [DE] (* : 10/10/16(mon)19:36:37 ID:DvfC5yCZ0


8 : Nameless@Passing through the lobby [CL] (* : 10/10/16(mon)19:45:40 ID:zqK7I4a10

C G Am Fmaj7 F6

9 : Nameless@Passing through the lobby [DE] (* : 10/10/16(mon)19:47:05 ID:DvfC5yCZ0

Hey, do you know a good tutorial series for the guitar? I've got break from school and I'm bored as hell

10 : Nameless@Passing through the lobby [CL] (* : 10/10/16(mon)20:05:53 ID:zqK7I4a10

I never took guitar lessons, not even on youtube, and I learned fast enough. Most kids I've seen taking lessons get all their potential utterly destroyed mostly because of biased guitar teachers for one particular style or another. I mean, you can find a great teacher -I'm not saying otherwise-, but it's not easy, because it's very hard to teach something close to a neutral guitar style. I would recommend to just pick up a guitar, learn the basics (chords, riffs, scales) (and DO NOT forget to use the pinkie from the very start, or you will regret this) and _then_ go for a particular style, bossa nova, fingerpicking, epic-metal solos, whatever. A guitar, unlike a violin for example, is something you actually can master all by yourself. Though it takes a shit-ton of hours to practice, and when I say a lot, I mean it. I learned to play decently after spending 4-6 months practicing 4 hours a day or so, everyday.

11 : Nameless@Passing through the lobby [DE] (* : 10/10/16(mon)20:15:43 ID:DvfC5yCZ0

Thanks. Funny that you mention it, I've been actually interested in bossa nova and fingerpicking. I should have a guitar with nylon strings around somewhere, so I'll get to it in the next few days

12 : : 10/10/16(mon)20:23:48 ID:zqK7I4a10

Good luck on that, oh, and by the way, "Dust in the Wind" and "Hypnotize" by SOAD are some really great songs to practice fingerpicking. SOAD may be somewhat old fashioned these days ww but I recall learning that song when I was beginning and feeling the shit of my school class.
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