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greetings from Perú, bai!!! (44 respuestas)

1 : Nameless@Passing through the lobby [PE] (190.42.*.*) : 27/07/16(wed)17:00:14 ID:t+DTcbKW0

no bully pls

2 : Nameless@Passing through the lobby [CL] (* : 27/07/16(wed)17:28:37 ID:eTua8gTU0

hey how is it going

3 : Nameless@Passing through the lobby [PE] (190.42.*.*) : 27/07/16(wed)17:42:45 ID:t+DTcbKW0

pretty fine, thnx
I wonder why this board isn't really active since it feels pretty comfy

4 : Nameless@Passing through the lobby [CL] (186.34.*.*) : 27/07/16(wed)17:45:28 ID:OYjZIKZfR

Do you really have to speak in english? tbh smh

5 : Nameless@Passing through the lobby [PE] (190.42.*.*) : 27/07/16(wed)17:48:20 ID:t+DTcbKW0

smh tbhf*
Realmente no, solo que siempre he estado acostumbrado a escribir en inglés en los tablones "internacionales" por así decirlo.

6 : : 27/07/16(wed)17:52:20 ID:ICHE21qZ0

"This board is for discussion and chatting in any language besides Spanish."

7 : : 27/07/16(wed)17:53:42 ID:ICHE21qZ0

Also hello.

8 : : 27/07/16(wed)17:55:37 ID:t01eZzCW0

the peruANO

9 : Nameless@Passing through the lobby [PE] (190.42.*.*) : 27/07/16(wed)17:56:18 ID:t+DTcbKW0

during his childhood

10 : : 27/07/16(wed)18:52:41 ID:q5t7ZAgm0

Shut the fuuuuuck up.

11 : : 27/07/16(wed)18:58:09 ID:ICHE21qZ0

the peruviANUS

12 : : 27/07/16(wed)19:05:06 ID:q5t7ZAgm0


13 : : 27/07/16(wed)19:41:09 ID:eTua8gTU0

¿En serio staff? ¿borrar posts de los propios usuarios que hablan bien de la página? Entiendo que borren las carnadas de los que vienen a puro causar drama, pero nada que ver con lo que dije. Estamos claros que la página se está yendo a la mierda hace algunos meses, pero encuentro que se cayeron bien bajo con esto.

14 : : 27/07/16(wed)19:43:16 ID:t01eZzCW0

fascinating, tell me more

15 : : 27/07/16(wed)19:44:34 ID:ICHE21qZ0

Go cry somewhere else you big baby.

16 : : 27/07/16(wed)19:47:02 ID:q5t7ZAgm0

You realize you're causing drama right now and typing in Spanish in World, right?
Poor >>1, he finally made a new thread and you get these fucks trying to ruin it.

17 : : 27/07/16(wed)19:49:28 ID:eTua8gTU0

Yes, I obviously do. And by keeping talking about it so are you. You should ignore the post, probably it's going to get deleted anyway.

18 : : 27/07/16(wed)19:51:01 ID:ICHE21qZ0

I only ask to bye that all CHILEANS die, die forever the Malvinas betrayal will wings forget.

19 : : 27/07/16(wed)19:53:12 ID:q5t7ZAgm0

How do you do, fellow race traitors

20 : : 27/07/16(wed)20:07:48 ID:ICHE21qZ0

I bet >>1 is a BIG NERD that doesn't even post on VIP lmao

21 : Nameless@Passing through the lobby [PE] (190.42.*.*) : 27/07/16(wed)20:13:09 ID:t+DTcbKW0

indeed, I don't post here too often

22 : Nameless@Passing through the lobby [CL] (* : 27/07/16(wed)20:15:05 ID:1b7X0B+FR

But that was a decision taken by the a few people of the government of that time, why would you blame all Chileans for it? It doesn't make sense.

23 : : 27/07/16(wed)20:18:12 ID:ICHE21qZ0

Because most people are so incredibly spooked that they think nationality exists and that you can judge others based on it.

24 : Nameless@Passing through the lobby [CL] (179.4.*.*) : 27/07/16(wed)21:49:48 ID:yBsasaL20

Peru have one of first scene programming/hacking games of Southamerica and the best tactical operatives in the world (Chavín de huantar)

25 : Nameless@Passing through the lobby [CL] (* : 27/07/16(wed)22:11:48 ID:7Y5BUP+aR

Bro you can see in the app that the post was deleted by the user

26 : : 27/07/16(wed)22:45:21 ID:eTua8gTU0

It was the previous post to that one. It's already in the past, doesn't matter now, really.

27 : : 28/07/16(thu)15:13:17 ID:w610KQbn0

il viru

28 : Nameless@Passing through the lobby [US] (* : 05/08/16(fri)22:01:52 ID:XhbUtAvo0

When are you guys going to mess up the Ecuadorians again?

29 : Nameless@Passing through the lobby [CL] (* : 05/08/16(fri)23:31:06 ID:O0iYixsP0

what do you mean?

30 : Nameless@Passing through the lobby [CL] (* : 05/08/16(fri)23:48:13 ID:xmeqfsSv0

31 : Nameless@Passing through the lobby [CL] (* : 06/08/16(sat)02:09:28 ID:8iODHpNQ0

But wasn't that a dictatorship situation? I mean, it's like the conflict between Chile and Argentina during the 80's, the whole thing was between Videla and Pinochet, the people didn't really give a damn about the Beagle and they didn't even like Videla or Pinochet in the first place. In this case it was between that old jap fucker and whomever was the president of Ecuador back then, right? I've never heard of dislike between the peruvian people and the ecuatorian people.

32 : : 06/08/16(sat)02:10:42 ID:8iODHpNQ0

oops I meant "ecuadorian", sorry

33 : : 07/08/16(sun)13:46:45 ID:CrYvEZIX0

it's funny how the number of casualties is different between the english and spanish page w

34 : Nameless@Passing through the lobby [CL] (* : 07/08/16(sun)19:18:44 ID:9VSciE/V0

Casualties? what do you mean?

35 : Nameless@Passing through the lobby [JP] (* : 07/08/16(sun)20:34:39 ID:KZ6ObeRw0

now,almost latina goes to brazil,and no one stay here (´・ω・`)

36 : : 07/08/16(sun)20:37:22 ID:J7HJNrHFR


37 : : 07/08/16(sun)21:04:04 ID:2Ft59O9r0


38 : Nameless@Passing through the lobby [JP] (* : 07/08/16(sun)21:07:23 ID:KZ6ObeRw0


chile baaaaaaka(つд`゜)゜。

39 : Nameless@Passing through the lobby [BG] (78.90.*.*) : 08/08/16(mon)08:33:40 ID:/jM5NH1D0


40 : : 08/08/16(mon)13:23:49 ID:n1aLbKvH0

Stop misusing inside jokes from 嫌儲.

41 : Nameless@Passing through the lobby [JP] (* : 09/08/16(tue)23:38:11 ID:S+ZkazNx0

you know 嫌儲・・・
are you Japanese ?

42 : Nameless@Passing through the lobby [CL] (* : 10/08/16(wed)00:01:34 ID:Ad/iJdMU0

not sure but i think he's algerian or albanian maybe

43 : : 10/08/16(wed)10:05:47 ID:3nAL4BsA0

I think I'll have to learn all the alpha 2 codes eventually

44 : : 04/09/16(sun)12:38:44 ID:VQNbuIoy0

the peruVIAN

Shit, it's just not the same
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