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The future of the internet & centralization of online communities (38 respuestas)

1 : Nameless@Passing through the lobby [US] (* : 25/09/16(sun)09:24:13 ID:BVktdMCf0

The internet is becoming more and more centralized as time goes on. Websites like reddit and facebook are becoming larger and more all-encompassing as they absorb (and destroy) smaller communities. Communities that do not get sucked up or stomped out by larger competitors drastically lose their charm and identities as their user bases swell up through exposure to/invasion from outside communities (reddit, twitter, etc.). Two good examples of this are 4chan and tumblr. Both sites had valuable and original content generated in their early days, but as time went on they become over-saturated with new users who did not care about generating original content or insightful posts, and both transformed into horrible communities as a result.

What do you think about this? What do you think the future of the internet is? What do you think the internet will look like in 5 or 10 years?

2 : Nameless@Passing through the lobby [BG] (78.90.*.*) : 25/09/16(sun)11:16:22 ID:I6s5V0m/0

Actually the opposite is true.
This article by Karl Auerbach, former member of the board of directors of ICANN and the developer of TCP, suggests that the internet is moving towards a divided future along linguistic, cultural, religious, corporate and regional lines, or the so called "internet of islands." What Facebook and Reddit are doing is simply proto-Island building.

3 : Nameless@Passing through the lobby [CL] (* : 25/09/16(sun)14:12:49 ID:LrFwoad10

Here to ten years... Probably the same, but there will be another popular social network that either Google or Facebook will own.

About 4chan, Reddit or Tumblr being ruined by the high flow of new users: these forums have miscellaneous sections (such as /b/ in the case of 4chan, or /funny/ in the case of Reddit) and themed sections. I wouldn't classify miscellaneous as "valuable and original content", not now, nor in the past, nor ever. I think that valuable and original content always took place in themed sections. In 4chan's case, it's hardest to tell because almost every board nowdays is about miscellaneous topics (for instance, the actual /v/ "what videogame character would you fuck" vs the original /v/ "could you recommend me some more games like this", or "guys let's make a game"). In the case of Reddit, there are still many themed sections with valuable and original content. I really have no experience with Tumblr whatsoever, but I'm guessing it's the same. The problem is miscellaneous sections are alaways way more active and popular than the themed sections with original and valuable content, these tend to be slow, and unpopular. Even here in BaI we see that problem. It's our main problem right now, actually. So I don't really think that 4chan's themed boards were ruined because the widespread of the site. Instead, I would say it was ruined because miscellaneous content overwhelmed themed boards with mediocre content.

4 : Nameless@Passing through the lobby [CL] (181.72.*.*) : 25/09/16(sun)18:25:28 ID:F2ohxrcD0

Whatever happened to 4chan wasn't because of social media or anything. They've always looked for scapegoats; first it was Gaia and Ebaums, then Tumblr, now Reddit and, more recently, mobile web browsing (seriously). Hell, I remember in 2005 a lot of people already considered /b/ an incredibly shitty place.

4chan was bound to "fail" from the start. moot was fucking 15 years old when he decided to use his mom's credit card to register, and all he wanted the place for was dumping hentai for ADTRW and having a custom email address. Seriously, the first TEN boards were all for porn, and after all that he decided to add one for actual discussion (/a/).

Meanwhile 2ch from the beginning was supposed to be an anonymous forum for discussion of all topics and allowed people of all kinds and ages, and despite only allowing people from Japan to post and all the fuckups Hiroyuki did in 2013, it still manages to get three times as many posts as 4chan (between 2,500,000 and 3,000,000 posts each day; 4chan only gets 900,000-1,000,000 a day).

About the future of the Internet? Maybe more people will realize social media sucks and we'll see an anonymous forum renaissance (because 4chan fucked it up for everyone on this side of the planet).

5 : Nameless@Passing through the lobby [CL] (* : 25/09/16(sun)18:37:21 ID:4oqJk8mx0

>Maybe more people will realize social media sucks and we'll see an anonymous forum renaissance
Well, for the time being Snowden's sacrifice, and even Assange leaks haven't had that deep effect on internet culture. People are still bound to social networks and online services that clearly spy on their users (like Amazon, YouTube or Gmail). And piracy is another critical point, everyday is hardest to pirate on internet. I don't think that KAT, TPB or Putlocker will survive up to ten years.

I'd really like diaspora*, Dailymotion and Signal to replace Facebook, YouTube and Whatsapp. Or whichever the service is, it doesn't matter. I'd just want to see those fuckers burn to death.

6 : : 25/09/16(sun)18:41:45 ID:F2ohxrcD0

Lad, if that's all it took for people to "wake up", we'd have reached class consciousness long ago...

7 : : 25/09/16(sun)18:44:03 ID:6wiqKuZs0

People don't even care when you show them a video of a police officer shooting an unarmed civilian.

8 : : 25/09/16(sun)21:58:20 ID:v3OuBvSa0

That's because the media likes to repeat this meme of "unarmed civilian" whether the facts add up to that conclusion or not. If someone (who is mentally of sound mind) goes and attempts to punch out a cop and steal his or her firearm, then I cannot feel much sympathy for them if they end up getting shot in the process of doing so. They either wanted to commit suicide by cop, or were really that stupid in thinking that they were going to get away with it. If I cared about mainstream media narratives, then I wouldn't be hanging around on Websites like this.

9 : : 25/09/16(sun)23:55:18 ID:6wiqKuZs0

Uhm, if they want to pull a "suicide by cop" they need to get psychiatric help, not get shot.

10 : : 26/09/16(mon)01:18:35 ID:wPXCzpno0

I also wish for the "unarmed" civilian meme to die. If you're of average strength, a well-built 17 year old can tear you limb from limb with his bare hands if you don't shoot him as he attacks you.

11 : : 26/09/16(mon)07:03:56 ID:2CVBkvSE0

Hey, me too! All those people I've seen getting shot by cops even though they weren't carrying any weapons had ALL limbs!
Crazy how the mainstream media manipulates us, huh?

12 : : 29/09/16(thu)01:21:45 ID:TDEU3tDb0

>they need to get psychiatric help, not get shot.
If so, yes, but under the law in most states (excepting maybe Florida with its famous "Baker Act") most people cannot be forced to go under involuntary commitment. There's also the problem with judges who will release a person even against the medical advice of professionals.
>If you're of average strength, a well-built 17 year old can tear you limb from limb with his bare hands
You'd be surprised some of the 17-year old kids that play on the High School (gridiron) football team, they often look double the size for a normal 17-year old and double their ages. Not to mention if they're trained in some kind of martial arts which can seriously injure (if not in some cases, even kill) a person.
>All those people I've seen getting shot by cops even though they weren't carrying any weapons
That wasn't the case in the recent shooting of Keith Lamont Scott in Charlotte, North Carolina. He was armed and refused to drop his weapon when told to do so multiple times.
>Crazy how the mainstream media manipulates us, huh?
I take it you've never read Manufacturing Consent by Chomsky and Herman.

13 : : 02/10/16(sun)05:57:47 ID:wtPi73gF0

>He was armed
Then there's no point addressing my post about unarmed civilians, huh? Which was a joke, anyway.

14 : : 02/10/16(sun)15:00:59 ID:fXXmr7O10

>Then there's no point addressing my post about unarmed civilians, huh?
On the contrary. The narrative of people being shot by police (even if the facts prove otherwise) while being unarmed is so widely accepted without question that it in fact actually bears addressing for precisely that reason.
>Which was a joke, anyway.
Nice backpedaling there.

15 : Nameless@Passing through the lobby [US] (137.146.*.*) : 02/10/16(sun)21:39:19 ID:WF4XNR0B0

Looks like 4chan might finally die now

16 : Nameless@Passing through the lobby [US] (137.146.*.*) : 02/10/16(sun)21:39:51 ID:WF4XNR0B0

Looks like 4chan is actually going to die now

17 : : 04/10/16(tue)20:20:25 ID:FxZcDGpo0

Not really ``backpedaling''ww
Are you seriously that autistic to not see my shitty joke about unarmed people having limbs?

18 : : 04/10/16(tue)20:22:39 ID:FxZcDGpo0

Nah, it's Hiroyuki bullshitting naive users (read: most of them) for more money.

19 : Nameless@Passing through the lobby [AR] (* : 04/10/16(tue)20:28:44 ID:DfhnJrRS0

They seemed to have opened a VIP board.
Not VIP as in news4vip, VIP as in pay2post(ww

20 : Nameless@Passing through the lobby [??] (207.244.*.*) : 04/10/16(tue)20:47:36 ID:W/PG47m0T

I'm happy that there is no stupid 4chan users(ry

21 : Nameless@Passing through the lobby [BG] (78.90.*.*) : 06/10/16(thu)02:52:17 ID:57yHm9hc0

I'm curious to see when credit card information will be leaked from 4chan because of Nishimura's ineptitude

22 : Mensaje eliminado por usuario.

23 : Nameless@Passing through the lobby [CL] (* : 06/10/16(thu)09:48:00 ID:PBnVnrT10

Well, this all has been happening really really fast. I mean, since Hiroyuki joined 4chan. I'm guessing it will probably happen in a year or so (rough estimate). 4chan users are insufferable idiots who apparently can't tell the difference between a meme and a serious fact. The thing about 4chan users is that they take memes too seriously, to the point memes eat them, literally. Take the moot meme as an example, about him being an untouchable god. That disguised the fact that they guy sold their asses off to a japanese scammer that was infamous in his country for, literally, stealing data and personal credit info. And they didn't do shit about it, because they were too busy making memes about Hiroyuki's bad spelling. The worse thing is that 4chan users knew about Hiroyuki scandal, and they still didn't care. And the guys aren't stupid, they could've done something, we're talking about the community that made the fappening and the Gamergate scandal. They're not stupid, not at all. I think they'll figure it out somehow, and then they will probably leak it. Hiroyuki is obviously planing something, the whole thing has been way too suspicious.

24 : Nameless@Passing through the lobby [BG] (78.90.*.*) : 06/10/16(thu)11:11:36 ID:57yHm9hc0

Whether the guy's a scammer or not, it's amusing to watch the carnage from a distance. He's done some off the wall shit ever since he took the wheel and I'm just gleefully anticipating his next move. At this point it's clear that he's out to fuck with those 4chan guys in ways nobody has fucked with them before and they're taking it hook, line and sinker.

25 : Nameless@Passing through the lobby [??] (* : 06/10/16(thu)14:57:52 ID:Ad1Usy4iT

i doubt hiroyuki would make the same mistake twice of storing all data and pass info on plain text files that anyone with the url could see

also i dunno what's worse, the new /vip/ board on 4chan or all the retards from saovq and 4-ch claiming that isn't VIP when all they've done is butcher 2ch ``culture'' since ever

26 : : 07/10/16(fri)02:22:18 ID:lZDXtBEg0

>when all they've done is butcher 2ch ``culture'' since ever
You mean like this place?

27 : : 07/10/16(fri)03:31:52 ID:LKZH4jqAT

dunno about you but this place's VIP board is pretty much like 2ch's
lots of talk about anything with lots of w's and the occasional AA

28 : : 07/10/16(fri)04:56:18 ID:lZDXtBEg0

>lots of talk about anything
So like SAoVQ then.

29 : : 07/10/16(fri)12:37:18 ID:rN8SxCO0T

saovq is lots of threads where they spam links or the same sjis art
funnily enough 4chan's /vip/ (the first one) was more like news4vip than saovq

30 : : 07/10/16(fri)15:11:06 ID:VOG8/bK10


31 : : 07/10/16(fri)18:00:55 ID:YsCjigPB0

>Well, this all has been happening really really fast. I mean, since Hiroyuki joined 4chan.

I agree , It took him less than one year to sink his new shipwwww

32 : : 08/10/16(sat)17:43:55 ID:RZZxKBkET

After complaining about bandwidth issues, he decides to add a new board that anyone can see.
Hiroyuki-san is truly a genius.

33 : : 09/10/16(sun)17:11:30 ID:COqi09OE0

world4ch was the only really decent thing about 4chan, since that's been axed, there's not much of a point in going to the site these days and I've only visited the place maybe twice since moot stepped down.

34 : Nameless@Passing through the lobby [US] (* : 28/10/16(fri)20:18:14 ID:iJaHqIrw0

35 : : 31/10/16(mon)05:10:37 ID:Sv9s5KAV0

It was obvious there weren't bandwidth issues and Hiroyuki was bullshitting the entire website so he could get donation money for his own pockets.

36 : : 31/10/16(mon)05:15:45 ID:78TZsqTn0

I remember torrenting the 4chan con videos so many years ago.

37 : : 01/11/16(tue)14:06:33 ID:JcfJoCU60

i think i'm afraid of what's comming.

i think it's bad.

i'm sorry.

38 : : 01/11/16(tue)15:30:32 ID:RkOPcRlK0

A fart?
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