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鉄道の優先席を巡って老人と若者が口論に (9 respuestas)

1 : Nameless@Passing through the lobby [JP] (* : 24/11/16(thu)10:17:48 ID:7eie3O760

An old man and a young man quarrel over the train seat

Young man: "Say it again."
Old man: "Give me your seat because it is priority seat for old."
Young man: "I don't want to give you my seat because of your behavior."
Old man: "You can't understand japanese, then you are not japanese, aren't you."

Japan is shit.

2 : : 24/11/16(thu)10:24:32 ID:o9OF6jIGT

2ch discussion in real life w

3 : Nameless@Passing through the lobby [CL] (* : 24/11/16(thu)11:33:13 ID:L5epLYD60

>because of your behavior
What did he mean by this? because the old man was being kind of rude demanding the seat?

4 : Nameless@Passing through the lobby [BG] (78.90.*.*) : 24/11/16(thu)11:47:37 ID:OwC5331O0

Ha! I've had similar situation happen to me.
Fuckin' entitled old people. I'm not giving you my seat after I've been standing for 12 hours at my job while you've probably been sitting on your asses the entire day.

5 : Nameless@Passing through the lobby [CL] (* : 24/11/16(thu)11:50:28 ID:L5epLYD60

I think what's really upsetting about the video is the bigotry of the old man, was the guy in the sit Korean or something?

6 : Nameless@Passing through the lobby [BG] (78.90.*.*) : 24/11/16(thu)12:08:42 ID:OwC5331O0

↑ The old man used that whole shtick to dismiss the young man. For in his mind, the only way someone could refuse him the seat is if he does not understand what is being said.

7 : Nameless@Passing through the lobby [MX] (132.248.*.*) : 24/11/16(thu)13:09:52 ID:9BM4Xsf10

eh, the only thing that bothered me is how nobody tried to end their dispute (besides that hand you see in the video)
this japanese culture of wanting everything to conform to the status quo makes me sick

8 : : 24/11/16(thu)14:54:36 ID:NNSiKdu80

Video needs a bit more context, though the old guy implying the young man was a foreigner was uncalled for.

9 : Nameless@Passing through the lobby [CL] (* : 24/11/16(thu)15:47:02 ID:L5epLYD60

so detenciones ciudadanas are not a thing in japan I see
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