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Why Japan is the best country to be a wizard? (16 respuestas)

1 : Nameless@Passing through the lobby [CL] (179.4.*.*) : 24/11/16(thu)12:47:26 ID:HHyQUsJe0

The first guy looks fine with his situation but I feel sorry for that Hashimoto-san, I think he's asperger and the girl looks so uncomfortable, she's looking down on him or something.

2 : : 24/11/16(thu)12:48:59 ID:PpIPSQo+T


3 : : 24/11/16(thu)13:07:59 ID:BqblF4jn0

lol if you think the japanese are welcoming of people who don't procreate

4 : : 24/11/16(thu)14:45:42 ID:qXibS/ZK0

Especially when they have a drastically negative birth of rate

5 : : 24/11/16(thu)17:25:59 ID:LSjF5bVV0

>negative birth of rate
¿Las guaguas vuelven al útero o qué?

6 : Nameless@Passing through the lobby [CL] (200.10.*.*) : 25/11/16(fri)12:10:54 ID:5lrMPhN50

Any jap who like to explain this video?

7 : : 25/11/16(fri)15:09:16 ID:EnAlH/Ac0

Any jap who could explain this video?*

8 : : 25/11/16(fri)15:36:37 ID:5lrMPhN50

Thanks BaI translator.

9 : : 25/11/16(fri)15:47:18 ID:XpCeATi9T

Any Japanese who could explain this video?**

10 : : 25/11/16(fri)17:22:27 ID:KHqyYFP/0

No human society is welcoming of wizards. We are not wanted no matter where we go.

11 : : 25/11/16(fri)17:36:20 ID:5lrMPhN50

Belgium are you a wizard or apprentice?

12 : : 26/11/16(sat)02:56:57 ID:rRUyYQNh0


13 : : 26/11/16(sat)08:16:15 ID:0xAEA8iR0

Having children is overrated, but sex is so fucking good.

14 : : 26/11/16(sat)10:17:33 ID:rRUyYQNh0

In that case, I might as well go to a prostitute. Is sex with a prostitute any good?

15 : : 26/11/16(sat)10:46:36 ID:FY6Fp8Dq0

It isn't unless you can feel comfortable lying to yourself

16 : : 26/11/16(sat)11:42:11 ID:rRUyYQNh0

Lying to myself about what?
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