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Consider this: (57 respuestas)

1 : Nameless@Passing through the lobby [BG] (92.247.*.*) : 26/04/17(wed)01:11:10 ID:lTC/d5pG0

A pack of zainichi Koreans.
Starcraft-playing, 2ch-DDoSing Koreans nearing your Japanese home. Trampling your Japanese lawn. Demanding apologies for ww2 from your Japanese daughter. And you can't do shit since they smell of Korean cuisine | Feces. The Korean leader grabs your wife and fucks her with his plastic surgery enhanced penis.
The loudmouthed Koreans finally dominate your household. They watch their K-dramas on FujiTV and you are forced to be their slave.
Such is the downfall of Japanese Man.

2 : : 26/04/17(wed)01:30:52 ID:6rQA9VSy0

Paranoid screechings

3 : Nameless@Passing through the lobby [BG] (78.90.*.*) : 26/04/17(wed)03:46:13 ID:GuatDQVb0

Why do you sage when the thread's already on top of the page? Crazy Chilean man.

4 : : 26/04/17(wed)03:55:15 ID:GeJ4OMJg0

you never know when someone might age another thread silly

5 : : 26/04/17(wed)03:57:36 ID:9L5Pfm3m0

lol japs

6 : : 26/04/17(wed)08:57:53 ID:w/wWyem70

Japs are suffering the same enriching culture like us?

7 : : 26/04/17(wed)14:18:35 ID:2nnO3i7A0

lol no retard

8 : : 26/04/17(wed)14:20:40 ID:BQlX3rx+0

>>6 good one little nest

9 : Nameless@Passing through the lobby [CL] (* : 26/04/17(wed)14:48:33 ID:FZhDV7eg0

Consider thissss consider... this... the hint of the century

10 : : 26/04/17(wed)14:50:35 ID:eOwhaD580

Consider this a picture perfect sweet sorrow. (8)

11 : : 26/04/17(wed)16:48:34 ID:w/wWyem70

>>8 suck my dick murrican

12 : : 26/04/17(wed)17:35:42 ID:KdUI7kSY0

good one gay nest

13 : : 26/04/17(wed)17:38:36 ID:w/wWyem70

gay is the murrican can suck my dick LMAO


14 : : 26/04/17(wed)17:41:09 ID:KdUI7kSY0

at least I'm not a little nest

15 : Nameless@Passing through the lobby [CL] (186.36.*.*) : 27/04/17(thu)02:06:15 ID:pcpLYfPQa

actually racism is Not Good and Unfunny.

16 : : 27/04/17(thu)02:09:38 ID:E1E2L56B0

Memes fucking suck.

17 : Nameless@Passing through the lobby [BG] (78.90.*.*) : 27/04/17(thu)02:36:57 ID:GsL9rUz20

Racism is only NG in real life

18 : : 27/04/17(thu)03:18:45 ID:F1p0My1l0

some people are either new or never grew out of their /b/ phase

19 : : 27/04/17(thu)03:19:07 ID:F1p0My1l0

oh i like this proxy

20 : : 27/04/17(thu)03:19:30 ID:F1p0My1l0

oh i like this proxy

21 : : 27/04/17(thu)03:21:10 ID:E1E2L56B0

Valor de impacto.

22 : : 27/04/17(thu)03:24:05 ID:E1E2L56B0

  ヽ|__|ノ    モォ
  ||‘‐‘||レ   _)_, ―‐ 、
  /(Y (ヽ_ /・ ヽ     ̄ヽ
  ∠_ゝ  ` ^ヽ ノ.::::::__( ノヽ
   _/ヽ      /ヽ ̄ ̄/ヽ、

24 : Nameless@Passing through the lobby [BG] (* : 27/04/17(thu)04:02:31 ID:8G57M8swa

Cute pics, friend

26 : : 13/05/17(sat)01:35:57 ID:HkE3XZdpa

Racism is a meaningless buzzword spouted by leftists and brain dead violent antifa morons. Today racist = not actively hating your own race.

27 : : 13/05/17(sat)05:09:40 ID:8n2iaQun0

When the Holocaust never happened but white "genocide" is a real thing. ????

28 : : 13/05/17(sat)14:36:01 ID:RCxDNsQZ0

My only gripe about the Holocaust is that there are laws "protecting" it from people who deny it outright happened or that they criticize parts of that history which is then also ignorantly conflated to be complete denial. On that same note, I also oppose the French "memory laws" that also have criminalized criticism and/or denial of other genocides such as the Armenian Genocide or mass deaths by communist regimes. Governments by and large should stay completely out of regulating speech and expression.

As for white genocide, that is actually happening and no amount of snark, sarcasm, hand-waving and cutesy emojis will change that fact. See Colin Flaherty's work documenting black-on-white hate crimes being committed in the USA. Search for "South Africa Farm Attacks" in Google Images that the ruling ANC party has covered up and denied since taking power in South Africa in 1994.

"Genocide involves the attempt to achieve the disappearance of a group by whatever means. It does not have to be violent, it could be a combination of policies that would lead to a certain group dying out." — Malcolm Fraser, 22nd Prime Minister of Australia, 1975-1983.

29 : : 14/05/17(sun)05:04:21 ID:X3Ub8WZ50

I guess there must also be [insert race here] genocides happening too.
At least you aren't blaming conspiracies for not having a girlfriend.

30 : : 14/05/17(sun)16:06:12 ID:P3PD3iNa0

Except it's not a run-of-the-mill "conspiracy theory" when you have multiple news sources claiming that by a certain year (depending on the nation in question) whites being a minority, academics in a multitude of universities across many countries in the West, policy wonks, celebrities, talk show (both radio and television) hosts and even down to kindergarten teachers all essentially repeating the same thing. Conflation of this with genuine outright ridiculous conspiracies like the "Moon Landing Hoax", anti-vaxxer arguments, or the types of topics that Alex Jones rants on about is an old tactic that no longer works. Neither do ad hominems which do not even constitute an argument.

31 : : 15/05/17(mon)13:59:29 ID:95qf/mF1T

people of other races get killed all the time too, stop being such a special snowflake

>whites being a minority
in the whole world, sure
i also like that people who say this consider all non-whites as one homogeneous group lol

32 : : 15/05/17(mon)14:01:14 ID:95qf/mF1T

"white genocide" is just a weird way to say no one wants to have sex with white guys

33 : : 17/05/17(wed)03:36:25 ID:zBIg1+zu0

You can tell the gringo is a /pol/tard when he gets all defensive about racism and muh heritage out of fucking nowhere.

35 : : 17/05/17(wed)06:53:40 ID:RgX8Rd0+T

     ,....、    ____              リ (ミ、ヾL;:__;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:l
     /   ヽ..._/二二二ト、 r‐ュ        /_,, `´ .: r=`、` '' ‐r―--==〈
    / r┴┴‐┼──‐弋三三マヽ     / トュミy   `~´  ,ノ::::::::::::::::::::ノ
  j   ̄>──┴─ 、:.:.:.|─‐9|<7|l    ,' ``ラ, ,ィエ二丶、^ヾミ:::::::::::::ィヘ
  f'  7´ ´¨`ヽ`ヽヽ:::::::__ヽ|}}─ j|^:|Yl     !  ,.. / .: 'ヾヒi≧ァミ ,}::::::::::ノクノ
 j  、l::;′   Y:::::l:::l::::{ ヾ!|!ュ:.:.:l|:::V     ゙l,/ (;' ,rぅ、、     ,':::::r'"(.イ
 l  l:::|     ||:::::|:::|::ハ  \_:.:.:ト、::ト__,,.ィ'l ヘ`ニ"´ ヽ  _,. ,':::ク>-ヘ-ゝ、、
 l  `ヽヽ __ノ/.::/::/:::::/ヽ    ̄ヽr‐'´ /l'! lトミ三=ァィ` ,:" , ,ルイ /:.:.:.::/ リ ``t、ー-
  '  / マ=∠∠∠∠ -'"        ∨   {i,ヽ丶-‐ '"ノ ,/,/:::://:.:.:.:.:/ /    ヽ:::
  '     ハ::::「 -r 、               ∨  ヾ.丶.,__,, -‐'"  /ノ:.:._//     }::
   }   ハ::::∨  ヽ           ヽ、  ゝミミ三ニ=≦,,ムニ彡'"      ノ::
  /    ヽ:::ヽ  ヽ           \'"::::::::::::::::l::::::::::::::::::::::丶、__,,r ''":::::::

36 : Nameless@Passing through the lobby [BG] (92.247.*.*) : 24/05/17(wed)17:46:22 ID:0FYbI4rB0

White genocide should be accelerated because the majority of white people behave like niggers lmao

37 : : 24/05/17(wed)21:36:19 ID:PH6jE2ep0

I imagine you have more of a problem with the Turks and Roma in Bulgaria than with the whites.

Defense naturally comes from those who are in opposition to those on the offense. Also, what does /pol/ have to do with anything?

38 : : 24/05/17(wed)22:10:14 ID:+L+Jvzz10

I pity the Americans and their education system.

39 : Nameless@Passing through the lobby [BG] (92.247.*.*) : 25/05/17(thu)13:38:56 ID:kGgxh3fj0

Roma are petty thieves and smell very bad. Turks work their tobacco fields and don't really care. But the football hooligans are the ones who are gonna stab you in the street and leave you for dead.

40 : : 25/05/17(thu)14:10:15 ID:xqYZILHd0

So you're all cool with bigotry but only in this board? Nice double standards you insufferable morons

41 : : 25/05/17(thu)14:15:51 ID:hL04vfMt0


42 : : 25/05/17(thu)14:36:21 ID:hYuDQ1l5T

an abysmal education system and decades of propaganda coupled with memes and you get your average burger netizen

43 : : 25/05/17(thu)14:38:48 ID:hYuDQ1l5T

>like us
lul this chilean thinks he's european

44 : Nameless@Passing through the lobby [US] (* : 25/05/17(thu)15:24:27 ID:xqQ+JygF0

Terrible. That's a symptom of the dysgenic configuration that the world is currently in. They either should be used as infantry grunts, or failing that, put in front of a firing squad.

It's funny how you guys put down public education here in the USA, you guys would actually love it! They teach nothing but leftist BS, teach you to hate free enterprise, to eschew success, the majority of the kids in there do nothing but crack jokes at each other, fight and smoke weed, most of them were also supporters of Sanders and after the DNC debacle, Clinton during the election. The only reason why the flag salute is still going on is simply from the inertia of tradition, I'm sure some "social justice" activist will try to completely get rid of that next. If I was a gen z kid still in school I would suggest bringing back the Bellamy salute just to further piss off these annoying pests.

The Americans who still have working and functioning brains don't send their children to public school, they either send them to a better private school or homeschool them instead.

I could be wrong, but aren't there at least some racially unmixed ethnic Germans in Chile? They have preserved and maintained the Prussian style marching down there, which is great to see I'm sure it pisses off the Marxists to no end, though! ????

45 : : 25/05/17(thu)15:25:33 ID:hL04vfMt0

Peak neoliberalism.

46 : : 25/05/17(thu)15:26:28 ID:Vi76PdwI0

>They teach nothing but leftist BS
lol i fucking wish

48 : Nameless@Passing through the lobby [BG] (92.247.*.*) : 25/05/17(thu)20:20:23 ID:kGgxh3fj0

Dysgenics, eugenics, who cares? Everyone is a pest and needs to be gassed.
Gas everyone. Gas everything that lives. GAS THE WHOLE FUCKING PLANET.


50 : : 28/05/17(sun)02:14:26 ID:koLxfeJP0

>"Muh neoliberalism!"
Yeah, that's why most of my graduating class wanted Bernie Sanders as president, the far-right, anti-socialist candidate...oh wait (to be fair a few voted for Trump, but that was only because they wanted to say "fuck you" to Hillary).

51 : : 28/05/17(sun)11:41:11 ID:NN52Vgvr0

Who are you quoting?

52 : : 28/05/17(sun)12:12:00 ID:7+TKEfFd0

This gringo is fucking insufferable lol

54 : : 28/05/17(sun)12:16:05 ID:7+TKEfFd0

Posadism is the ultimate political stance

55 : : 28/05/17(sun)12:17:52 ID:7+TKEfFd0

Wait a minute, there's something wrong with the latter half of that batch

57 : : 28/05/17(sun)20:48:18 ID:koLxfeJP0

Whomst'd've are you quoting?
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