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Rest in peace Augusto Pinochet (83 respuestas)

58 : : 05/07/17(wed)15:24:29 ID:DC34wnIa0

>So differing opinions are bait?
You seriously believe this constitutes an actual opinion?
> Ah yes, always blame external factors (in this case the USA) instead of owning up and taking responsibility for your own failures. The modus operandi of the eternal leftist.
Now, if you really do, I apologize for being such a closed-minded individual, but I beg to differ ww. First of all because this "opinion" assumes that every person blaming the US goverment is a leftist, which is not necessarily the case. We Chileans, Argentinians and Brazilians, we all had leftist goverments for the most part of the previous decades and these goverments weren't exactly popular (Kirchner, Bachelet, Dilma, and so forth). It's stereotypical of >>53 to consider all Latino people that blame the US goverment "leftists", but then again, an ignorant gringo having stereotypical opinions of other cultures? Yeah, not really unheard of, is it? And second, because it assumes that our leaders were to blame for the failures back in the 60's. We know they weren't, you won't convince us otherwise. Not because we're closed-minded, but because we've been taking this crap since the early 70's (and when I say "crap" I mean shitty "opinions" like the one I quoted before). This is nothing new to us, we all know the role the CIA and Nixon administration had in that overthrow during the 70's -a role even confirmed by Sanders during a lecture cycle in the last elections-. Why did I call it bait though? Because a post like that is aimed towards nothing but taunting the counterpart.
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