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Fascism is represented by the mighty faggot (30 respuestas)

1 : Nameless@Passing through the lobby [IT] (185.65.*.*) : 19/09/17(tue)15:02:46 ID:V4/sJnXB0

"Individually we are weak, like a single twig, but as a bundle we form a mighty faggot!"

2 : : 19/09/17(tue)15:14:21 ID:r+LBJFwY0

A mighty faggot with an alpha axe penetrating it. The perfect symbol.

3 : Nameless@Passing through the lobby [CL] (* : 19/09/17(tue)15:16:24 ID:YysanGLX0

fag·got (fag´·ǝt) n. a bundle of sticks for fuel. [Fr. fagot a bundle of sticks]

4 : : 19/09/17(tue)15:39:39 ID:TxVP7Nwd0

haha i got the reference xd

5 : : 19/09/17(tue)15:57:30 ID:+6P9QEO5a

Interesting, considering that native birth rates under fascist states were much higher than in countries under the current anti-fascist postwar era today.

6 : : 19/09/17(tue)16:30:26 ID:r+LBJFwY0

So were mortality rates.

7 : : 19/09/17(tue)16:56:07 ID:RCokPgmy0

Italians love The Simpsons too, nice.

8 : : 19/09/17(tue)17:15:06 ID:nXid+gdB0

Both "faggot" and "fascism" come from the Latin word fascis/fasces. A rather unfortunate coincidence for fascists.

9 : Nameless@Passing through the lobby [MX] (* : 19/09/17(tue)17:24:15 ID:nXid+gdB0

You're comparing countries during wartime to countries living in peace half a century later. Hardly a fair comparison. I wouldn't even consider high birth rates as a good thing nowadays, there's too many people and they only benefit those in power, and declining birth rates are usually a sign of a developed, educated country, anyway. Lowering mortality rates and improving life conditions would be more important to me.

Also, Mussolini's Battle for Births was a failure, and crude birth rates under Nazi Germany were half as much as they were during the beginning of the 20th century. I guess you could count Franco's Spain, which maintained birth rates, and the Japanese empire, which had quite a boom after it fell, and even with a negative population growth, Japan is still considered overpopulated today, so it's not like they need high birth rates at the moment.

10 : : 19/09/17(tue)17:27:46 ID:+6P9QEO5a

• Bitch about Americans on this board
• Enjoys watching The Simpsons, an American animated sitcom
Lmao can't make this shit up.

11 : : 19/09/17(tue)17:32:01 ID:r+LBJFwY0

Oh yeah, The Simpsons, the cartoon that constantly makes fun of Americans and their culture!

12 : : 19/09/17(tue)17:33:59 ID:JXK05smA0

Si te gustan Los Simpson después no te quejes.

13 : : 19/09/17(tue)17:36:36 ID:r+LBJFwY0

No sacan nada con quejarse de los gringos si para las elecciones se quedan en casa viendo los Simpson.

14 : : 19/09/17(tue)17:38:48 ID:TxVP7Nwd0

>>10 trata de pasar piola memero culiao

15 : : 19/09/17(tue)17:46:16 ID:4IlarEV+0

This site is visited by hundreds of people, you do know that, right? Why are gringos so quick to make idiots of out themselves... Is it perhaps the amount of fast food they eat?

16 : : 19/09/17(tue)18:04:17 ID:nXid+gdB0

Thinking Americans are dumb is such a popular opinion in the world I can't figure why anyone would get angry because of it. Even most Americans themselves think so.

17 : : 19/09/17(tue)19:08:52 ID:fRi81EQt0

>I wouldn't even consider high birth rates as a good thing nowadays
>Lowering mortality rates and improving life conditions would be more important to me.
I don't see why you couldn't do both. Japan doesn't really need to since they're way ahead in automation and wouldn't make sense to open their borders to mass immigration for labor. Western governments, on the other hand, have told us we don't need to raise the birth rate and now the excuse for mass immigration is to add to the tax base to fund pension schemes and entitlement programs.

18 : : 28/09/17(thu)14:32:23 ID:+thSF2Zc0

what is this faggotry

19 : Nameless@Passing through the lobby [BG] (85.196.*.*) : 28/10/17(sat)03:38:53 ID:xD3O9qoc0

Fascism is the default way Man thinks and operates, because he is a tribal creature with ingroup preference and the desire to dominate. Democracy, egalitarianism, socialism and social-democracy erode Man's spirit.

20 : Nameless@Passing through the lobby [CL] (* : 28/10/17(sat)03:42:18 ID:XHu+fXxt0

21 : Nameless@Passing through the lobby [BG] (85.196.*.*) : 28/10/17(sat)05:20:46 ID:xD3O9qoc0

Allende fan spotted

22 : : 28/10/17(sat)17:48:15 ID:vM5XSvnp0

>erode Man's spirit

23 : : 28/10/17(sat)18:01:10 ID:F/D08Lj2T

Fascist slavs are the funniest thing

24 : Nameless@Passing through the lobby [BG] (62.204.*.*) : 29/10/17(sun)15:50:08 ID:oJw4Ne500

Implying I'm a Slav
Implying Fascism=Hitlerism and not something that predated Hitler's rise to power by at least 50 years
Implying that NatSoc is even Fascism
Implying Hitler hated all Slavs

25 : : 29/10/17(sun)22:16:13 ID:2yg9laU+0

It doesn't change the fact that both ideologies are pretty shit

26 : : 29/10/17(sun)22:32:35 ID:RXn+ZpIz0

Sure, nazism is just degenerated fascism, but fascism still sucks ass.

27 : : 02/11/17(thu)13:17:43 ID:OYCGIdu90

after death there is nothing

28 : : 04/11/17(sat)00:39:31 ID:Edfoj23E0

only death is real

29 : : 05/12/17(tue)04:30:39 ID:EBR04ZoB0

i kinda agree with >>19 's statement yet our capacity to dream and make those dreams true is what allow us to try again and again to do something different from facism in order to make everyone "happy" (like sheeps~with opinions) and.. wait, what? i think i lost it

30 : : 29/10/18(mon)18:07:36 ID:o3bjFGCT0

>>19 Evola was fucking gay lmao
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