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4chan banned in russia so i move to 8chan (20 respuestas)

1 : Nameless@Passing through the lobby [RU] (77.51.*.*) : 30/08/18(thu)20:49:32 ID:iJOeos/H0

now 8chan banned to
here is a like 4-5 years in prison for visiting blocked sites

2 : Nameless@Passing through the lobby [CL] (* : 30/08/18(thu)20:50:42 ID:LP7xEATp0

What about using Tor/Proxies?

3 : Nameless@Passing through the lobby [CL] (* : 30/08/18(thu)21:18:25 ID:FbMG7ehw0

you can go prison just for that? wew, that law makes no sence

4 : Nameless@Passing through the lobby [RU] (77.51.*.*) : 30/08/18(thu)21:34:39 ID:iJOeos/H0

Proxies are prohibited and all free VPN sites or prograns are banned in russia
for using this you cant get a 100k-500k forfeit or 2 yers in jail
about TOR... i dont know. Some weird law to

5 : Nameless@Passing through the lobby [CL] (* : 30/08/18(thu)22:48:06 ID:sq/ee/P8a

I will send you some Ki, SlavBro!!!!!!

Welcome to this comfy place :-).

6 : : 30/08/18(thu)23:14:25 ID:NqKoP8o60

learn spanish and stay here

7 : : 30/08/18(thu)23:31:39 ID:0kRKDKi3a

It was in the discord where we had that Brasilean/weird guy??
Or im confusing groups again, fuckkk

I think that you are feeling like this
Call of Duty: Black Ops gknova6 - Nazi Zombie song "Damned" Kevin Sherwood (3:21)

8 : Nameless@Passing through the lobby [CL] (* : 31/08/18(fri)00:09:01 ID:9cDlOGmD0

Damn. Better start organizing the revolution, slabro

9 : Nameless@Passing through the lobby [RU] (77.51.*.*) : 31/08/18(fri)00:20:03 ID:nqw8Eqvn0

i already plade move to Filipins

10 : Nameless@Passing through the lobby [AR] (138.219.*.*) : 31/08/18(fri)00:27:41 ID:DDqoBjNQ0

So what's the current status of NAZBOL?

11 : Nameless@Passing through the lobby [RU] (77.51.*.*) : 31/08/18(fri)01:35:34 ID:nqw8Eqvn0

Actualy here no nazbols. all real nazbols are in jail or dead. Few pretendedto be nazbols to bussy taking Krokodil or whiping shit from pants

12 : : 31/08/18(fri)01:38:10 ID:i65JWsMy0

Is it true that russian girls get wet with the idea of getting out of Russia?

13 : : 01/09/18(sat)00:25:44 ID:3ZMQ6ZEI0

nós vivemos em uma sociedade

14 : Nameless@Passing through the lobby [RU] (77.51.*.*) : 01/09/18(sat)23:39:04 ID:1hG2wETa0

i miss my 12 gb imagepack. need to find my old HDD in a loft
here is like a 15k prison years worth memes so its easier ot use Atomic bomb on me
or call my HDD and strategic weapon and bomb White house

15 : Nameless@Passing through the lobby [GB] (* : 28/01/19(mon)10:10:39 ID:0R+0tf/Aa

What's the reason for banning 4chan & 8chan?

16 : Nameless@Passing through the lobby [] (45.232.*.*) : 28/01/19(mon)10:34:23 ID:mKo+up69a

Learn Esperanto, it is a good start with Romance Languages. Or, visit some /int in reddit, if you want learn some words.

You can stay here. Why they banned those sites?

17 : : 28/01/19(mon)10:35:01 ID:mKo+up69a

Oh shit it was the last year......

18 : : 22/03/19(fri)21:44:54 ID:dIR7y88o0


19 : : 14/04/19(sun)02:49:29 ID:k1yxQocKa

did he die?

20 : : 28/04/19(sun)18:39:34 ID:F5L64Z1S0

most of the 8chan good boards are dead
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