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Hello (4 respuestas)

1 : Nameless@Passing through the lobby [CL] (200.14.*.*) : 22/01/19(tue)12:06:40 ID:Dy7HR3yw0

Hello, owen to night, is Luis Pinto.

Is moder what you are care haver do. My am Rancaguano Chile, owen home gym, homer gym clops.

My smile is mal. I my is a denta to are a estar whatnede a dentadura. Mar mar mar mar.

Then fucking television on two bar arac very what you're lever se woman. My english is so so...

Around mar the summer. Ayo goodbye.

2 : : 22/01/19(tue)12:17:05 ID:Vbl5U4+u0

You are too long, hmmm I want to eat your long and nice
Goodbye friend, I live in ice end, Chili.

3 : : 25/03/19(mon)14:05:44 ID:Ua6SAGkFi

Mi ĝojas renkonti vin.

4 : : 22/04/19(mon)04:08:22 ID:ppWo+o9n0

The wall was never meant LITERALLY, it was meant as a state of mind... I don't expect gen z millennials to get that though...

Let me tell you something..
I have owned the same TV set for 30 years.

30 years ago, almost to this very day, I was 25 years old, sitting watching that screen with my friends near our college campus, we watched with sad hearts as Ronald J. Reagan, a grandfartherly kindly figure finally stepped down from offic.. It was one of the saddest days I remember, and I watched it all on that TV set.
In 2008, on that same TV screen I watched the traitor (obama), take his oath of office... i can't even be sure if he swore on the bible.. probably not. For 8 long years our country was ran into the ground again and again... Remember when he went on his apology for America tour? Disgraceful...

Then it all changed.
In 2017, one grey January morning, on that same old TV set, I watched Donald John Trump took his oath of office, standing proudly before us like a statue against the elements, there were tears in my eyes... I felt exactly the same as when Ronnie Reagan first took office!

And that is why I'm voting TRUMP - PENCE 2020 and no one can tell me otherwise.
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