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1 : Nameless@Passing through the lobby [] (168.196.*.*) : 10/09/19(tue)21:58:09 ID:DRFScq2Ha

What the hell is this? Maybe checkin the IP or...

2 : Nameless@Passing through the lobby [IS] (37.218.*.*) : 10/09/19(tue)23:52:51 ID:uEHfz5CEa

Looks like an alt-right website. Its owner (Randy Prozac) criticizes "modern society", LGBT rights, feminism, consumerism and basically anything that doesn't considered "traditional values".

It's a weird site, but it has a purpose.

3 : : 10/09/19(tue)23:55:26 ID:eZpnXaHh0

looks like what a dumb, accelerationism-obssesed teen would consider high art.

4 : : 11/09/19(wed)00:00:40 ID:047QI+Jla

I meant "isn't" and not "doesn't". Sorry that was dumb wwwww

5 : : 13/09/19(fri)02:11:43 ID:u8kOqlsna

I share a tiny bit of his ideas, but I consider myself a Leftie ;_;

6 : Nameless@Passing through the lobby [US] (* : 28/09/19(sat)15:11:40 ID:hjp324DJ0

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