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21/05/18(lun)07:26:55 No.978 rep
Hello from Japan!
I am a maintainer of PaintBBS NEO. I am going to implement Spanish support to the latest version (v1.3.3). You can test this version at ( I need your comments to brush up the translation!
Sin Nombre 21/05/18(lun)07:38:54 No.979 rep
muchas gracias señor domo arigato
Sin Nombre 21/05/18(lun)12:12:58 No.980 rep
domo arigato mister roboto
Sin Nombre 21/05/18(lun)12:43:53 No.981 rep
Ok, this is nice.
21/05/18(lun)15:22:30 No.982 rep
where is spanish button
21/05/18(lun)16:36:11 No.983 rep
1526934971590.png-(8144 B, 300x300) Imagen miniatura
>where is spanish button
Click here.
Other than drawing function is not translated.

New version supports right mouse button emulation on mobile browsers (iPad and Android). Try!
Sin Nombre 21/05/18(lun)20:40:13 No.984 rep
It appears in English for me
23/05/18(mie)16:54:48 No.985 rep
>It appears in English for me
umm...Could you please let me know your browser and browser's language?
(1) open developer tool.
(2) type on console:
Sin Nombre 03/06/18(dom)02:03:27 No.986 rep
To be honest I can't find where the language gets changed but it seems BaI is using the Spanish version already.

15/06/18(vie)19:52:52 No.997 rep
You all are seeing it in English because your browsers are in English.
Moe ◆XS4F.OYHzM 09/07/18(lun)19:18:11 No.1006 rep
Muy lindo tu dibujo super amiguito

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